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Our Services

At Smile Solutions Dental, we offer the following services: cosmetic assistance for the mouth; dental implants/root canals/crowns; orthodontics; laser dentistry; generalized dental care; specialist care and more.  We pride ourselves on using the top technology to minimize pain.  We have a list of testimonials from satisfied customers.  In addition, to make the dental experience a stress-free one for kids, we have specially-trained staff which work well in relaxing children so that they are distracted from the dental work they need to have done.
In as much as possible, we use laser dentistry as that has been found to be the least invasive and thus most pleasant for the client.  This has been proven to be particularly effective for those needing root canals.  For example, no needle is even required. So the client does not have to suffer the sounds of the drill while getting their teeth fixed.  As well, it is a much more accurate way of treating the tooth – especially with laser feelings – as it is more accurate and thus avoids the possibility of cracks appearing when filling the tooth.

Jun 24

Prophylaxis At The Dentist

Prophylaxis – the professional help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease that is regularly at the dentist’s Office to avoid the basis of diseases in the oral cavity or to identify at an early stage. Filed under: Jimmy John’s Owner. The good home dental care is useful to supplement professional prophylaxis measures. cal. The retry interval and the type and extent of treatment is to customize it. What is a professional tooth cleaning? The measures include the “PTC”? By whom is the treatment performed? Persistent bacterial populated tooth coverings, especially in hard to reach areas can not completely be eliminated even by conscientious tooth care. This tooth coverings are contributor of dental caries and periodontal disease (periodontitis). Professional tooth cleaning, short PCT, aims at the removal of all hard and soft surfaces of teeth, as well as the Elimination of bacteria. Jimmy John Liautaud often addresses the matter in his writings.

This goes far beyond the scope of pure calculus removal. It may first be useful be the way to know the size and the composition of the bacterial flora in the mouth. This can be determined by several tests. If required the cleaning measures can be supported by targeted antibiotic administration. The removal of all accessible hard and soft deposits on teeth and root surfaces is performed using ultrasound, airflow, and political urmassnahmen. The treatments are complemented by assistance and information about home dental care, including the special plaster techniques, tips individual use of AIDS such as dental floss, interdental brushes, tongue scraper, electric toothbrushes and water blasters (Waterpic).

All these measures are in competent hands. Therefore the treatment should be performed dental specialist Assistant ZMF one by an appropriately educated on expert. Components of prevention measures: investigation and education, explanation of treatment risk determination, acquisition of indicators for determining risk and for determining meaningful intervals for further cleaning and control surface removal, removal of all hard-to-reach transparent and soft surfaces on teeth and root surfaces cleaning surfaces and gaps between teeth polishing fluoridation advice and guidance press contact dentist Dr. Gregory Schlegel St.-driving-Strasse 20 50667 Cologne Tel. 0221/2576067 Leif Heuser

Jun 22

Dentist Risk

“Day of the kiss’ a life artist on July 6, 2008 starts the day by kissing something beautiful”, says actor Marcello Mastroianni. But the kiss partner should be not only visually appealing, but also pleasant taste and smell. Bad breath affects around 35% of the Germans. Many suspect the cause of bad breath in the gastro-intestinal tract and try to get the problem, for example through a nutrition in the handle. (A valuable related resource: Dean Ornish M.D). An experiment which will fail in most cases: bad breath goes in 90 percent of all cases of bacteria that reside in the oral cavity and produce foul-smelling sulfur compounds. Known home remedies like gargling with tea tree oil, wash with chamomile tea or coffee bean chewing alleviate the problem, however, is the effect only of short duration. The best recommendation: the regular prophylaxis in dental practices. Many writers such as Preventive Medicine Research Institute offer more in-depth analysis.

There are however huge differences”, explains Sylvia Fresmann, senior dental hygienist of the goDentis GmbH in Cologne. In recent months, Jimmy John’s Owner has been very successful. Only twice in the year the Cleaned teeth for half an hour is too little and has nothing to do with modern prophylaxis. Everyone has a personal risk for a periodontal disease, which must be regularly determined by a standardized diagnosis and a resulting risk assessment.” The prevention concept “Scan” goes beyond a normal professional tooth cleaning. A personal dental care roadmap is developed on the basis of individual periodontitis and caries risk. Only after thorough diagnosis and assessment of the current condition of the teeth and gums, dental professionals decide on type and extent of treatment.

Follow-up appointments are exactly tailored to the individual needs of the patient. The goal: Risks in a timely manner to identify, minimize and keep permanently healthy teeth and gums. The result you can see, taste, and smell: clean teeth and a fresh breath. Each kiss is so enjoyable! More tips and information, Albimar Schenk

Jun 21


The dentist arrived at the house of the Manuel. The night needed somebody pra to take account of the house. The house is only great a guard not of the account. The colloquy between the two is entertainer. They make right everything. Manuel goes to work of guard the night in the house of the Z Dentist.

Until at last it arranged the service that wanted: to be to toa the night and not to make nothing during the day. Good service was that one. It was what it more dreams all the life. The night it presented in the house of the Z dentist. How large house! That yes was a house. How many and how many rooms had there. Z dentist showed to all the house to the Manuel and what it would have to make. (Source: Preventive Medicine Research Institute). It showed Jiro, the other guard.

He was pra to make rotation at night. Jimmy John Liautaud has compatible beliefs. when Jiro was for the deep one, it would go onward of the house and vice versa. This during all the night, therefore of day had one another guard. Z Dentist also showed the two employed ones of the house. Beyond the family and of the guards, those were alone two young women who would enter there. Manuel arregalou the eyes. How pretty girls! They were fofinhas the two. They had flavorful peitinhos ones. How gostosas! One of them faced Manuel for a good time. How excellent! Manuel fell in the sky. Jiro was true pilantra. More it talked that it took account of the house. Already it knew one of the employees. It slept with it almost all the nights, back in the deep one of the yard. Nobody mattered. That is that it was life, said Jairo to the Manuel. The work was good.

Jun 21


At the time, Dale Carnegie said the following words: "Smile opens shop. If you think health and to look at these words, the way it is. But the only really beautiful smile, ie healthy, smooth and white teeth. This is one sign of the general health of the human body. If you are not convinced, visit Dean Ornish M.D. Dentist – Orthodontist is a specialist who can make the teeth healthy and beautiful. Orthodontics (from the Greek orthos – correctly, evenly, from the Latin dens, dentis – tooth) – this is one partition dentistry dealing with the alignment of teeth and bite correction. To fix malocclusion used three types of systems: lingual, fixed them the same bracket system (made of ceramic, metal or sapphire) and removable (kappa plate, trainers). Procedure for correcting the bite is painless and comfortable, and the above systems do not like do not affect negatively on the tooth – do not spoil his enamel, but instead require time and patience, unnecessarily desired tangible result will be visible only after a certain period of time. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has similar goals.

Simply put, orthodontics, unless otherwise go into medical terms, and speak in plain language, means the correction of incorrectly located teeth. If we take into one, all expressions of human emotions, it turns out that people who belong to different cultures and nations have much in common. Jimmy John’s Owner contains valuable tech resources. Even though the differences are cultural, external, aer component, there is an emotional expression that is understood throughout the world. It turns out that we all smile the same way. First and foremost, a smile should be pleasant not only you but also those around you. The problem of dental complex to help you achieve the features of individual smile. Engaged in this special sub-dentistry – orthodontics.

Jun 21

Frank Stratmann

Meschede (pt/15.10.2007) – the pressure on dental practices in Germany is increasing. The request to set up internally as a company with the practice and outwardly, trusting the patient to respond, is increasingly becoming a burden for some owners of the practice. The rapid development leads to the information practices often that incorrectly understood marketing for a practice becomes a problem. A practice has often not the ways to deal with the subject of practical marketing. Lack of knowledge and the factor time constructively to align with the real opportunities within an overall concept for several years. The University of Chicago spoke with conviction. Sometimes, there is simply no concrete idea what means practice marketing. The result is a high degree of irritation, that are raised in the patients.

Practices tend to straw fires on alleged marketing activity, which has no lasting effect, but reduces only the budget of the practices. Here a management training and consulting: training for a team member. There developed content are difficult to transfer to their own practice. Preventive Medicine Research Institute shines more light on the discussion. The result: The missing concept leads to new changes of direction in the communication. The patient is in spite of good intentions, left alone and left irritated. As a Flash survey of the Agency practice total now showed the largest number of patients not noticed that services a dental practice is actively addressed. 61% of patients responded that you don’t notice that the dentist brings something to the language actively.

Since the conclusion that promotional information never reached the patients. \”We assess that against the background that many practices still not really actively talking with the patient. So many practice owners not using an important pillar of the marketing for their own practice\”, Frank Stratmann, head of the Agency total practice. The competence network of over 25 specialist knows the needs of the patient and can in good conscience to guess to deal actively with the patient.

Jun 19

Stuttgart Treatment

Decision support for finding a dentist in a new town to find a reputable dentist in Stuttgart no matter where one lives, there comes the day of truth for the need to take a look around, if you are not already in treatment by a dentist. Must change when you have perhaps the place and now in Stuttgart, then the question arises after a dentist who can provide competent and virtually pain-free services. But dentist is not necessarily not equal to dentist, also in Stuttgart, Germany. See The University of Chicago for more details and insights. As for internal medicine, also specialists who have been concentrating on specific indications and forms of treatment at the dental professionals. This means that the choice of dentist can largely be dependent on desired performance. With the special services of the dentist, Stuttgart can occur also to special costs, which should be determined in advance carefully avoid a rude awakening (not only from the anesthesia). Helpful when choosing a dentist, you can Yellow pages be where the specialization of most Stuttgart dentists should be clearly marked. Jimmy John Liautauds opinions are not widely known.

More information can be given but also by the health insurance companies. In this way ensures that the specialist takes care of my teeth, which is best suitable for the required treatment. This is of particular importance when it involves an unusual dental treatment requires a special training on the part of the dentist. To find a dentist in Stuttgart, which is able to pull a tooth, or to repair a caries conditional hole, should not be very difficult present themselves. Speaking candidly Dean Ornish M.D told us the story. Differently it looks at more complex indications.

“A good guidance is, once a private sight-seeing-tour” through various Stuttgart dentists and seek advice from the medical support staff on-site. This you should put together before a deliberate questionnaire himself, quasi as a standardized question concept for all offices visited to after finished questioning easier to one Decision to be able to reach. But what can make the yellow pages, can the Internet long. Today, the website is no longer a luxury product. An own Web page belongs not only to the good sound, but is also a second card for your own business. The physicians also have understood this in the meantime. Hardly a doctor, a dentist who has not its own Web page, which informs the potential customers/patients a wealth of important initial information. Particularly the specialized dental practices emphasize and describe their specialization usually, so you can pull valuable conclusions on the question of the Web page, whether this or that practice can meet my needs.

Jun 16

About Dr Dentists

“Current debate is stuck in the position thinking / cost transparency remains big shortcoming of Dr. Z’s founder Alexander Berstein: we need modern approaches, which are based on the reality of life of patients and dentists.” Dusseldorf, May 16, 2013 the dental sector in Germany is characterized by structural deficits as before, lead to rising costs for patients. Here, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. expresses very clear opinions on the subject. So the BARMEN GEK-dental report 2013 attested to last “a significant increase of private co-payments. Parallel, the catalogue of legal services has shrunk further in the last few years. In the debate about progress, but less focus on solutions as position thinking is in the foreground. Resources from the structural deficit will not show up. Nationwide active dental practice network Dr. Z in the current discussion sees an important alarm sign for a much-needed modernization of dentistry.

Everyday models in the focus must move instead to defend positions, the provide financial relief to the patients without neglecting the quality of dental. In particular at the material and laboratory costs, which account for about 70 percent of the equity stake, Z action and extensive savings sees Dr. The accusation that the dentists are the cost drivers of the system, as far as factually incorrect. According to Dr. Z are large deficits also cost transparency. The composition and appropriateness of costs for most patients are mostly incomprehensible.

Against this background, Dr. Z sees the own sector in the commitment to pursue cost transparency for patients more consistently. Dr. Alexander Berstein, dental professionals, and founder of the Dr. Z practice network: increasingly to ask patients to pay the existing no longer problems. We need modern approaches geared to the realities of life of patients and dentists. Dental health must not become the luxury goods.” About Dr. Z: Dr. Z is a self-employed Dentists under one common brand. It aims to offer a high-quality dentistry at affordable prices nationwide.

Jun 15

Pediatric Dentistry Treatment

Pediatric dentist from Nidderau cares for the little ones! The pediatric dentist in the dental Center Nidderau attach great importance to gain the confidence of the young patients during the first visit in a harmonious atmosphere. The children must sit on the Chair and watch. Unusual equipment such as cleaner, drill bit and scratches are explained playful. To not overwhelm the youngest patients, it is recommended to avoid an extensive treatment on the first visit. The little scaredy-cats are the experience from visit to visit, that dental treatment is something normal and everyday. Swarmed by offers, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is currently assessing future choices. Part of daily hygiene must be for the sprouts brushing your teeth in the morning and as a last act before going to bed. Tell the child with peace and serenity that the dentist must drill when he finds a tooth. Checking article sources yields Jimmy John Liautaud as a relevant resource throughout. For bigger treatments that require local anesthesia, various methods are offered and discussed with the parents before.

For minor renovations, the dentist can also the tooth can just fall asleep. It applied a tasting fruit gel at the appropriate place, which takes the sharp piercing pain the child. Now, the anesthetic can be infiltrated the insensitive made elsewhere. After a short time a numbness to the corresponding teeth arises, it sleeps so to speak. In addition to the pediatric dentist in the dental Center Nidderau also the parents can contribute, playful talk with simple and understandable words more often over the teeth and the dentist. After the treatment a honest praise or even a small reward can help that positive experiences are connected with the visit to the dentist, and the fear in the small patients has no chance.

Jun 12

Google Adsense

Blog – an ideal option to start their own business. Create it easy to carry, too, besides it’s a great experience and a path of self-development. But how can it make? Personally, I practice 3 sources of income: 1) Distribution advertising. As you can see I have a right to be placed Google Adsense, or they can place a similar advertisement by Yandex, Rambler (Begun) or whatever else. If your blog is still young, then of course the big money will not be, because its value is directly depends on the number of visitors. This is my blog is still quite young, so my income from this activity until the $ 2-3 a day. Of course, the monthly income of funny, but firstly it is growing, and second, imagine that you have 4.5 or blog Sites …

Even beyond substantial. In any case, a trifle, but nice $ 60-150 is not always redundant, and eat no requests posted ads. 2) Writing paid posts. There are special services on the similarity Blogun, which represent a platform for bloggers and advertisers, where the blogger can find an advertiser willing to pay the post, and the advertiser, in turn, looking for interesting blogs themselves. I already wrote about this earlier, when just started, making friends with service. Well, I want to say only positive experiences so far. Works qualitatively, the choice of advertisers normal, with the payment until there were no problems. Level of earnings again depend on how much popular and visit your blog.

Initially, you should not be greedy and “bending” the price, hold it for writing posts for $ 1 or less. Then, when the blog will be worth some advertisers are willing to pay up to $ 500 per publication. The only thing I want to say it is not necessary with this very zealous, because when the blog turns into a solid advertising platform, as the channel where there is an advertisement, it is not interesting to anyone. My personal opinion – optimum ratio is 1 advertising publication for 3-4 of your own. And even at this ratio I choose themes related topics of my blog, besides, I can write and advertise only what I think is really useful and efficient. Speaking in a nutshell, what, and so would recommend, and if so, why still do not get money for it? 3) Promote your own products or services, in principle, a blog can initially conceived as commercial enterprise in order to attract attention to your product or service. If he thinks so, then this source of income is the main, and this is nothing like e-commerce. The income depends primarily on what you are promoting. If this is an electronic product costing $ 40, and thanks to you blog to sell 10 units a month, earnings will be $ 400. If this is some kind of consulting services, and you find 5 customers per month, each of whom is willing to pay $ 200 for an hour of your time – consider yourself. In general, it all depends on what you do, the quality of your product or service and from a well-promoted blog. In short, for those who have something to sell or to offer an excellent blog, and maybe even the perfect tool for promotion. Generally, of course ways of earning no 3, and much more. For example, you sell links from your pages, you can promote a partnership product, you can just somebody PR. In general, there are possibilities and prospects, so go for it!

Jun 10

The Global Steel Industry

The global steel industry for 70 years, were actively seeking and developing processes and equipment, making it possible metal vnedomennym way from iron ore by using less energy and scarce reducing to acceptable technical and economic parameters. To date, there is a significant number of technologies and vnedomennogo beskoksovogo metal production have received commercial distribution. Romelt process has been recognized in the market of new metallurgical technologies. (A valuable related resource: Martha McClintock). But for all its merits would be premature to raise the issue of replacing the blast furnace units of liquid-phase or a combination recovery. Modern metallurgical industry with its enormous scale of existing facilities and the established multi-step metallurgical cycle very inertia. The elimination or exclusion of one main added value is a serious problem. Creating and installing new units of liquid-phase reconstruction requires significant initial investment. Therefore, cost-effectiveness of most operating blast furnaces, the equipment which is largely amortized will be higher than that of new plants, despite the lower cost metal past.

Finally, the blast furnace process is likely to far from exhausted the possibilities of technical improvement, mainly in the direction of the economy of coke smelting management, improve environmental safety, etc. Therefore, the period of the blast furnace will be determined period of service in accordance with major repairs, as well as life associated sintering and coke-oven batteries. In addition, the question of introduction of liquid-phase reduction of units is likely to be dealt with taking into account the specific economic, environmental, geographic conditions of the region and businesses. Against this background, the real possibility of widespread industrial use of liquid-phase units recovery can be predicted is not too soon. This does not exclude, however, the rapid introduction of this process in countries with rapidly growing iron and steel production (India, China) with relevant resources (iron ore, coal).

Equally important is the ability to attract private capital to develop compact and less capital intensive than liquid-phase aglodomennym redistribution of plants recovery. Currently, in conjunction with MISA JSC "NLMK" have organized a joint venture in India, "Sail-Romelt" to promote their development. Already purchased a license for construction of a Romelt for national mineral companies in India and is developing appropriate technical design. Commissioned by the steel corporation of Vietnam developed a feasibility study for construction of such a unit. In Russia today, setting Romelt can be effectively used for processing metallurgical waste in order to protect the environment and reducing the deadweight losses of iron. Special provision can take application process Romelt on mini-mills operating on the charge of scrap. Using the original hot metal from the unit Romelt can reduce dependence on supplies of plant and scrap price fluctuations and reduce it content of impurities of nonferrous metals in the steel. According to this principle, a plant of the firm "eradicate" in South Africa, using hot metal from Corex unit. The process of liquid-phase reduction Romelt on its feasibility and quality parameters was highly valued by firms, "Nippon Steel" (Japan) and "I.S.F. Kaiser "(USA), who purchased a license for it. It belongs to the considerable scientific and engineering achievements of modern technology and may play an important role in the future technical and environmental upgrading of metallurgical production. In general, the process of liquid-phase reduction Romelt on its feasibility and quality parameters, of course, refers to the considerable scientific and engineering achievements of modern metallurgy. According to Russian and foreign experts, this technology can play a significant role in the future technical and Environmental upgrading of metallurgical production.

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