Month: September 2013

Hygienic Drink

He said Pasteur that the wine was the most hygienic drink known. Yesteryear, pure water was unknown. In many cases it produced infections which razed whole towns. I gather that why I wasn’t well seen to provide with water, because you couldn’t pick up a tifica indisposition of aupa. Hippocrates noted that wine is something admirably suitable for man, both in health and disease, if given in a timely manner and with true value, depending on the individual Constitution. Also reminds it us the sacred texts: the wine is life to man if you drink with moderation.

What life is of them entirely lacking of wine?. It was created for the happiness of men. Joy of heart and well-being of the soul is drunk wine on time and with sobriety Sirach 31, verse 32 36; or Genesis, Chapter 9 verse 20: Noah, farmer, began to till the land and planted a vineyard. There is no doubt that the ancestral biases are sending clear messages about wine and its positive effects. In addition to the extensive information that we may collect on the Internet about the beneficial effects of a glass of wine, write the thesis of D.

Bernardino Garcia Ramirez, which deals with absorption in vivo of oligomers of epicatechin, which opted to the degree of doctor of biochemistry. Us technically talks about the beneficial effects of wine on health. But today, without fear or superstition, we could also raise our glasses and provide for and with water. Said geopono (agronomist) of Granada al – Tignari (centuries XI – XII): you should know that there is no animal life or grow plants without water. In addition to the transcendental water for life, it is also possible to integrate it into the cuisine. There is a range of types of mineral water which is also good to know the convenience of one or another will depend on the type of person and what it intends to drink. Finally, exists in Catalonia the brotherhood gastronomic water, founded in 1995 and whose purpose is to publicize the water culture. It carries out an extensive programme of informational and informative events on the water values, through conferences, lectures and study sessions, as well as an annual educational program at schools. I have not found your web page, so I can not facilitate you the link.