November 2013 archive

Anemia In Our Pets

Anemia occurs in animals have lower level normal red blood cells (also called erythrocytes) that carry oxygen to the body. Red blood cells contain a compound protein known as hemoglobin gives blood its red color which carries oxygen to all the essential parts of the body. When there is a significant reduction in the number …

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To smile again I write these lines to help make a decision that would literally change their quality of life. I am pleased and I both enjoy taking photos to patients before treatment and after treatment, since most beyond successful smile feels an own glow in the eye, it is amazing how the patients eyes …

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Yeast Infections

What women and men refer to like a yeast infection, physicians and scientists will call Candida or yeast infection perhaps. Fungus infections influence women, guys and young ones, not just within their genitals, but in various areas of their body, showing up as a rash, athlete s feet, jock itch and oral yeast infection. Thrush …

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