Month: December 2013

Laboratory Inflammatory

Results and quarrel the inflammation degree was based on the amount of polimorfonucleares and accumulation of observed cellular alterations in the prostitutes. Prostitutes: Discrete inflammatory components: 0 moderate inflammatory Components: 30% accented inflammatory Components: 70% Injuries: 20% (suggestive of cells in suggestive formation of coilcitos and of atypical escamosas cells of meaning indeterminate (ASC-US)). Findings of citopatolgico examination of the particular Laboratory of Curitiba: Discrete inflammatory components: 24.8% moderate inflammatory Components: 72.2% accented inflammatory Components: 3% Injuries: 0 30% Were observed that 70% of the esfregaos of the prostitutes possuam component inflammatory accented, moderate inflammatory components and it did not have register of esfregaos with discrete inflammation. 20% of esfregaos with presence or indication of intraepitelial injury were still verified. In the group of not prostitutes, one got 24.8% for discrete cellular inflammatory components, 72.2% for moderate cellular inflammatory components and 3% for accented cellular inflammatory components, not having still resulted positive for intraepitelial injury. It can be concluded that the prostitutes had gotten in comparison the reactive women who are not prostitutes, greater inflammation occurrence, alterations and degenerative intraepiteliais (being that the normal cells are confined to a narrow variation of function and structure and the identification of these findings is necessary, a time that these can mask a more serious process), as well as of intraepiteliais injuries, probably for having intense sexual activity, daily and with diverse partners, if they at risk display to the biggest one to contract some type of sexually transmissible illness, being able to come to develop future injuries cervicovaginais7, 8, 15. Bibliographical reference 1 – RABBIT, R. et al.

Relation between citopatolgico diagnosis of cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia and indices of cells CD4+ and viral load in HIV-soropositivas patients. Rev. Bras. Ginecol. Obstet. vol.26 in the,2 Rio De Janeiro, 2004 2 – HAAM, E.; Comparative study of the accuracy of cytological cancer cell detection by methods.