Month: January 2014

The Animal

Death remains a taboo, why bite step. Here, curiously, is white the color of death, as in the tradition of Eastern countries: the white walls / are the so called say / insects and the dead. To return, at the end of the poem, to appoint to the gums, to smell, to the mouth that descarna as a symptom of an inevitable end. The third poem is entitled light effect.

See, throughout this poem, a play of light, as if it were a box, with light and shade, shadows and shadows. There is a play of colours, with whitewashed tombs, white tiles, the Sun, Emerald insects, invisible under the light, the shadow. Guillermo offers us light Kit as if it were a game between life and death, very convenient since it treated these poems of the second part. Us cites the poet: the shadow of the animal and obstinancy seeks to reincarnate. This leads me to questions as the shadow feeds light? Or is perhaps the shadow there light? Perhaps is an evidence noted that if there were no life death would not exist, because death needs life to exist, and life, as we know it, needs the death as his counterpoint. William also tells us how horrible has / right to existence this is a poetic truth, poetic language gets to appoint the dark, affirm a truth that in our society may also be a taboo, a society in which prevailing false images as I said Simone de Beavoir. The shadow could be the mirror where the dead are regarded: when something violently perishes, / his shadow continues even for several years. That permanence of the shadow vaguely remembers the spectral presence after death, rather than the soul, something dark as what desmembraba crickets in the first part of the collection of poems, shadows are like black insects again insects, which seem supernatural messengers that interact in some way with the material world and that, as a representation of the dead, they drink: milk, wine, saliva, alcohol and oil lamps.

Tips To Save Gas

You step 3 very important tips to economize gasoline: 1.Evita your tank reaches almost empty is not driving your vehicle when you are almost empty of gasoline. Maybe you think that you are using very little gasoline when you have almost empty tank, but you are in fact using more gas because your car is running less efficiently since it tries to accelerate and decelerate in a normal manner. Keep your gasoline at a minimum level in a quarter of the capacity of the tank. 2.Evita charging gasoline at a gas station in which are filling their tanks. When they are refilling their underground tanks at a gas station, the particles at the base of the cisterns are shaken. These particles can be mixed with the gasoline that you’re entering your car, which can lead to problems of efficiency. These particles can clog the fuel filter, causing your car to present difficulties to ignite and start.

If gas station in which you decide to stop you has lowest gasoline price in your locality but they are filling out their tanks, I recommend you return later. 3.Rotar tyres when regularly rotes tyres and check them for use or wear, you will discover that you’ll be saving both tires and gasoline. Then when you’ve aligned your car, most of the mechanics also perform tire rotation. This in no way means that to do it you should wait until need an alignment. Something very important to keep in mind is that tyres must never cross, i.e. of forward you must pass them back but never right to left or vice versa since there is a steel mesh which is broken if you change mode within the gums. Controls your tires regularly to see if they are damaged. If your tires show signs of wear (when begin to erase drawings on wheels), you should replace them immediately since how much better are the tires more efficient will be your consumption of gasoline. Discover all the secrets to save gasoline in: thank you and have a nice day!

Textile Toys

Plush and Textile Textile Toys Toys – light, soft and bright, so it is particularly enthralls young puppies. Do not let your favorite furry toys and toys with a long nap: pieces of material may provoke a bowel obstruction. Remember that all the details of toys should be qualitatively pristrocheny to her body or sewn. On the toy should not be detail that is easy to bite off. Pay attention to the textile Petstages toy companies and TAI CHI PET. They are made from different materials and are completely safe. Toys made of latex and rubber dogs of all ages love to chew, bite, pull and drive on the floor rubber rings, dumbbells and balls. For puppies rubber Toys – present salvation in time of appearance of clove.

Choose toys only from quality materials. Rubber and latex should be cast, without inclusions, lumps and bumps. Toy must smell good, or not smell altogether and be pleasant to the taste! Excellent specimens you will find brands Petstages, Flamingo, Ferplast and Hunter. Dogs love the latex and rubber toys with a beeper. Notice that the tweeter should be soldered into a toy so the dog could not have her vykusit.

Ensure the integrity of the rubber toy: a dog can easily break them up and swallow a piece. Among the rag chew toys, latex and rubber toys can easily find a special chew toys, or Toys for cleaning teeth. They are designed to clean teeth, removing tartar and food particles, and massage gums. Mark has provided Petstages chewing toy, even for dogs with tender gums. Educational Toys If Your pet quickly bored simple toys, encourage them to develop. There are, for example, toys, that you can hide pieces of goodies. When a dog wags and throws a toy out of it fall out sweets. Carefully Choose the size of toys: a large dog can easily swallow a small ball and a small dog will quickly lose interest in the big toy. Dogs should not be given hard (eg metal, plastic and stone) items as toys – the risk of getting serious problems with their teeth. Remember the limitations of your pet. For example, the rate should not be given as a toy bone, and French bulldog – Toy made of hard materials. Picking up a toy for your pet, smell it and try it out on taste. With tasteless and unpleasant-smelling toys (which, unfortunately, a lot of pet) animals refuse to play.