Month: February 2014

The Neurologists

the ones are exactly these that more are benefited of the treatment with the botulnica toxin, even so this therapeutical one can be applied in patients of any age. Where he is ' ' mgica' ' of the Botox? To the being applied directly in the muscle, the Botox, used of therapeutical form, hinders or reduces the contraction muscular involuntary that acomete the children with cerebral paralysis (this symptom calls espasticidade – exaggerated contraction and mantidade some muscles due to ' ' controle' ' on the part of the injured brain). The reestablishment or the improvement of the performance of the musculatura compromised for neurological pictures caused by the presence of the Botox must it the same mechanism that makes with that this substance improves the appearance of rugas of an aged face, that is, the secret is in the muscular relaxation. This is the action ' ' mgica' ' of the toxin. The cares in the therapeutical application of botulnica toxin the therapeutical administration of the botulnica toxin of – for an injection intramuscular itself. This procedure demands specialized training and detailed knowledge of the muscles. Generally, who carries through these applications is the neurologists or fisiatras. Before the administration of the substance, the specialist it must proceed to an evaluation to perceive what it is made a mistake in the movement of the patient and, thus, to choose the involved muscles in this process. The doses and places of application always differ from patient stop patient and, therefore, each therapy are individualizada.

Hands Signal

Ideal (and most expensive) – for each LNB dish. This mode is sometimes the only possible. For example, when you need to receive signals from satellites, spaced far enough from each other (eg, 36 E and 4 W) But if the satellites are located close (5 E and 4 W, 13 E and 5 E, 13 E and 19 E) and there is headroom for signal Some of them, on one plate you can put some converters (I have in Minsk, for example, at the same time accepted 13 E, 7-5 E and 4-5 W). At the same time orienting the satellite dish to receive signals from the weakest in the usual way. This signal will be received the converter in focus dish. Side converters will receive signals from other satellites. Right converter will take the satellite to the left of the main, left – right from the ground.

Of course, the signal on the side of the converter will come not as well focused as the main. In plane converters spot signals are approximately as follows: When conventional LNBF, in the irradiator gets only part of the spot, thus signal obtained from the lateral satellites is quite weak. In order to most of the side signal, useful converters with separate radiator, wider than the LNBF. Irradiator – a pupop on koto.pom signal sobipaetsya in konveptop. However, it should also be noted that the signals from other satellites in the neighborhood with your desired lateral satellite, will also erode and stain their signals will run into your spot.

Sun Influence

Suppose the situation is reversed, we need not weaken the effect of the sun and intensify the sun being in the seventh house. Ie people are so kind and responsive, which often donates his interests for the sake of their partners. The drug is the same action should be directed to the opposite side, the first house. Do in their appearance are more likely in humans, require attention and generally behave like popular man. As a result of this metamorphosis to a person will know about the society, which respects not the merits or the victim, and for the effective submission of himself. And in this moment the person with the Sun in the seventh house is strongly thoughtful, and whether or not to give just a partner? May be to find a balance, and something still left to themselves, once the society is not fully appreciated? Correction of all the other planets are on the same principle.

Second version of the correction, this correction with the help of metal. At the expense of the metals planets there are some differences, but relative to the Sun, all opinions are equal. Gold is a symbol of the sun and solar influence. Many people wear gold as decoration, and not even suspect that in fact reinforce the influence of the Sun in his horoscope. Yes indeed, gold jewelry – it's beautiful, they attract the attention of society, ie do their job to strengthen Sun's influence. And in order to increase the influence of the sun, gold is required to wear visible to society admired the decoration and you along with him. But as I said earlier, during the correction of astrological influence planet, should pay attention to the current position corrected planet.

Wedding Traditions

Among the most frequent and common to almost all oviedo weddings traditions, regardless of different ethnicities and religions, we can find the launch of the bridal bouquet and the transfer of the League. But these traditions that we adopt today, date back to thousands of years ago and have meanings that, even in these times, many people are unaware. The bridal bouquet more beyond its design, the type of flowers that sampled and the amount of flowers containing, the bridal bouquet, tends to be as traditional as Antistress. The aroma emanating their flowers and the fact that bride needing to be commercially available in their hands, transformed into an object so beautiful as relaxing to reassure the bride at a wedding. But the tradition that consists of the bride carry a bouquet of flowers at the time of marriage, emerges in the ancient Egyptian, when brides started carrying in their hands, aromatic herbs, in order to scare away evil spirits. Later, the tradition of the branch crossed the borders, reaching Europe and dispersing by the world. And inthe first, began to use bouquets of orange blossom, as a symbol of purity. In some countries today, the bride throws the bouquet, which represents purity, fertility and generosity, unmarried women who attend the wedding, and marriage according to the tradition, the woman who receives such branch, will be the next to collapse.

The League of the tradition of the League of the bride bride, arises in the ancient France, approximately in the 14th century and maintains today countries with different versions. At that time, tradition consisted of unmarried men run after the bride in order to remove the League. Over the years, the bride took the League by itself alone and tossed it to unmarried men. In some places in Europe of today, the bride cuts off his League and the auction among the guests. Another variant of this tradition, consists in that a moment of the feast, the groom removes League girlfriend and call unmarried men to launch it. They say, who receive it, just as it happens with the bouquet of the girlfriend, will be the next to marry. In some countries of America, girlfriend, carries various leagues under her dress and in a moment of the feast, boyfriend begins to remove them and placed them to single women who are in the celebration. In other countries, the bride usually carry two leagues. One is offering a single woman and the other, it will be positioned to ensure the boyfriend removed her wedding night. The League of the bride, represented virginity. The white or blue, represent the love and fidelity.