Month: April 2014


The rutting is how call los monteros to the era in which the deer hunting season begins, is the time of zeal as expected by fans hunting activity. Occurs in Spain since the end of August until the first week of October. It is one of the most important moments in the annual cycle of the deer, when conditions occur for fathering the next generation on which depends the future of the population. Types of deer: deer (Cervus elaphus) is the protagonist for their quality and quantity. The Iberian venison or Iberico deer (Cervus elaphus hispanicus), smaller and lighter than its relative Central European, lacked beards that adorn the neck and the thick antlers of branched Palms that characterizes this. The weight for males is around 150 to 200 Kg and 75 to 125 Kg in the case of females.

The maximum age is about 20 years. At what time of the year starts the rutting? At the end of the summer, between late August and October, at this time begins the zeal of this species. Zeal of the deer Iberian: males during the rutting season trying to get a harem with the greater number of females, so defend groups of Hinds or protect places where food is plentiful and, therefore, are areas where females go to feed. When the females tend to concentrate a same male defends the territory in which are several Hinds; and at the same time there will be many other deer that will want to play this territory, this results in fights between males, which lead to breakage of antlers. This noticed it arrival the hunting season, when we observe that many our hunting trophies have broken tips, so your score low in a remarkable way. This zeal for the male is extremely absorbent, there is no else in the activity of the male, forgetting behavior of Defense and protection and even its own power supply.

Joe McNally

shutter speed is – 2/3 EV which gave me the photometer of how correct camera, so I got a slight underexposure of the Fund which helps highlight more the model lit by the flash. The scheme of lighting for this scene would be something like this: to see the lighting scheme visit the website of the author (at the end of the article) Flash of semilateral-lateral reportage and sunlight faded by the trees. While he ended up placing the flash between some rocks to test a backlight I realized that Paola was staring on a rock that could stand for the following photos (as I said at the beginning, a luxury performance with models as Paola, who while you prepare a photo already thinks in the following), signed up and shot. To see the picture, visit the website of the author (at the end of the article) Nikon D700 + AF-S Nikkor 24-70 mm f/2.8 g ED to 62 mm, f/4.0, 1/60 sec, ISO 400 and the lighting scheme in this case would be the following: to view the lighting scheme visit the website of the author (at the end of the article) is similar to the previous but with totally side light to the model. As you can see, if the model turns to the camera we have a mid-side backlight which was what was preparing, but thanks to look through the viewfinder of the camera while preparing the scene and gave directions to the model, I could see this image and the photo. As Joe McNally says, are going to escape thousands of photos facing the inner visor from the camera to see if the previous picture was good.


The Power of the Press in the Blow of 1964 the objective of this article is to analyze the power that the press exerts next to the society, influencing the memories of generations and stimulating in agreement acceptance of truths the ends of that periodical. In 31 of March of 1964, periodicals for all Brazil already divulged what it was for coming, the military blow one day later. However, the notice disqualifying the government Goulart Joo and treating the outcome to 1 of April as a revolutionary act was visible. The Post office of the Morning, of the previous day to the taking of the power, printed manchete, ' ' Brazil already suffered excessively with the current government. Now chega' '.

In the Tribune of the Press, of the same date, it published, ' ' The democrats assume the military commands. River festeja demisso' ' (CAPELATO, 1994, P. 53). One notices the impactante character of the notice and the power that the press possua and possesss for the construction of the collective memory of one given society. As Grard Lebrun ' ' the force necessarily does not mean the ownership of violent ways of coercion, but of ways that allow to influence in the behavior of another one pessoa' ' (LEBRUN, 2004). Marialva Barbosa, for example, in its Owners of the River, made a minute work of inquiry of the relations of being able between the entrepreneur-journalists and the governments federal and state.

The exchanges of substances ordered between periodicals and governments were gifts since the beginning of the republic. Then, these periodic ones if auto-construct in partnership with the established governments, possessing an unquestioned power, since they will have the function to form a unified speech. Prioritizing contents and disdaining others, these periodicals, they are constructing memories of the society under determined optics. The journalist, when selecting certain facts and relegating others to the esquecimento, possesss the power of what she must be explored or not in the society.

Healthy Diet

A lot of people when they are trying to eat healthier nearly never stick to this healthy habit. And everyone wants to eat healthier, but simply think that they cannot get the right program. The following article will help you to start you with a healthy diet and move forward. But how to follow a healthy diet? You must always look realistic goals when it comes to dieting, you must not expect from your diet that you change drastically from night to morning. It starts with something small and short one thing while it’s bad for you. Some of the things that you can think to do is either not drink soft drinks or cut extra sugar to achieve a healthy diet. Do you ever have you heard the saying everything in moderation?, this is absolutely true.

If you eat your food in moderation and not you throw overboard all the food you eat, you will have good results, but there are also things that you must cut off completely from your diet, such as refined sugars and sodas. Soda contains so much sugar that it fills in sugar your body for several days. It is very important that you change your way of eating to have a happier, healthier life! Do you want to stay healthy to enjoy your friends and your family? There is nothing worse than bad food consumption and health because of this problems. This must be your number one priority, if you have a health problem and that can be cured only by changing to a healthy diet. If you are having difficulties with a healthy diet with a diet plan, try it! Sit down once a week and plan your meals or haslo for a longer time, as for example on a monthly basis, you don’t have to stick completely to the healthy diet plan, but you should try to follow it as strictly as possible! There are many different foods out there that should be easy to combine the ingredients that you buy at the grocery store and achieve a great healthy diet for yourself.

A healthy diet also allows you to reward you when time on when you should give you a small reward for eating healthy, You can buy something if you’ve lost some weight, or perhaps enjoy a desire you have had. It is not recommended to do it all the time, this can make you get into the habit of eating like before and not be healthy. A healthier diet can only if you have the interest and motivation to do so. It’s so simple that you don’t need to follow any type of diet or do any kind of special thing to eat healthy on a daily basis. This must always be in your mind whenever you go to put food in your mouth. If you follow these tips you can easily achieve a healthy diet and a way to eat healthier starting today! If even you didn’t see the fascinating story of Isabel de Los Rios weight loss, you can see it here now! See history of weight loss.

Muscles and Exercise

Many of the times when we began to go to a gymnasium with the intention to form muscular and attractive a body, we fall in the error to want to quickly secure results, and the unique thing that we obtained, is to burn our muscles not to make the exercises in the correct form nor in the correct amount. In a while I will say to them to that I talk about with this. To learn to gain muscle, is not a difficult task, but he is not something easy either, but it has the discipline and the certainty to obtain the goals that we have drawn up in which to obtain muscle it talks about. Everything falls in the technique and the knowledge. We must train of an intelligent way and not more duro, with this I do not talk about to that we can secure results without working, nonSir, nothing else far from the truth. To which I talk about, it is that we must work of one more a more methodical way. We must follow a plan according to basic knowledge that I am going to them to comment in this article.

Then, no longer we give more returning him to the subject and are going to acquire those basic knowledge, so that soon with them, to develop to our own exercises and routines. 1. – First that nothing you must of knowledge that the muscle is developed by means of muscular fibers that are growing and forming our muscles whenever we are forcing to this (to the muscle) loading more weight of the customary one. 2. – You do not have to make series of more, nonSir, only must train of such form that your muscle to develop is feeling the change little by little. What happens is that you want if it to do everything in a single day, the unique thing that you are going to obtain it is to burn the muscle and the fibers necessary will not be developed to you to be able to form it (to the muscle) 3.

Healthy Feet

The feet are the base that sustains us and at times is one of the most neglected areas. Until the summer and we want to boast of beautiful feet. The feet contain 90% less sebaceous glands than the face, therefore all nutrition there is little for them. Its water retention capacity is low. So that they do not suffer more than necessary, keep in mind this:-do not abuse the hot water: too hot or prolonged baths increase its permeability and dehydrate them even more. -Intense hydration: away dryness and cracks and provides flexibility with cosmetic products containing urea, lanolin, aloe vera, glycerine or Shea butter to the skin. -Polished fingernails: don’t forget filing and polishing nails, especially the big toe, well avoid that I will alter its color and texture, prejudicing the final State of the pedicure.

-Massagers: There are many massage for the feet, the hidrobaneras, which stimulate pressure points to achieve an absolute well-being, although it is always preferable to attend any many centres of aesthetics in Madrid or many other cities that include massages and reflexology. -Reflexology: Heats a little cream in your hands and apply it in the center of the soles of the feet doing a massage by drawing large circles with the thumb of the hand. If you need energy, with the toes of the hand, get strong pressures on the floor of five seconds each. -Special masks: once a week, apply a mask regenerating or nourishing in feet. Fit them with cotton socks and spends the night with them. The next day they will be very soft!