Month: April 2014

Joe McNally

shutter speed is – 2/3 EV which gave me the photometer of how correct camera, so I got a slight underexposure of the Fund which helps highlight more the model lit by the flash. The scheme of lighting for this scene would be something like this: to see the lighting scheme visit the website of the author (at the end of the article) Flash of semilateral-lateral reportage and sunlight faded by the trees. While he ended up placing the flash between some rocks to test a backlight I realized that Paola was staring on a rock that could stand for the following photos (as I said at the beginning, a luxury performance with models as Paola, who while you prepare a photo already thinks in the following), signed up and shot. To see the picture, visit the website of the author (at the end of the article) Nikon D700 + AF-S Nikkor 24-70 mm f/2.8 g ED to 62 mm, f/4.0, 1/60 sec, ISO 400 and the lighting scheme in this case would be the following: to view the lighting scheme visit the website of the author (at the end of the article) is similar to the previous but with totally side light to the model. As you can see, if the model turns to the camera we have a mid-side backlight which was what was preparing, but thanks to look through the viewfinder of the camera while preparing the scene and gave directions to the model, I could see this image and the photo. As Joe McNally says, are going to escape thousands of photos facing the inner visor from the camera to see if the previous picture was good.

Muscles and Exercise

Many of the times when we began to go to a gymnasium with the intention to form muscular and attractive a body, we fall in the error to want to quickly secure results, and the unique thing that we obtained, is to burn our muscles not to make the exercises in the correct form nor in the correct amount. In a while I will say to them to that I talk about with this. To learn to gain muscle, is not a difficult task, but he is not something easy either, but it has the discipline and the certainty to obtain the goals that we have drawn up in which to obtain muscle it talks about. Everything falls in the technique and the knowledge. We must train of an intelligent way and not more duro, with this I do not talk about to that we can secure results without working, nonSir, nothing else far from the truth. To which I talk about, it is that we must work of one more a more methodical way. We must follow a plan according to basic knowledge that I am going to them to comment in this article.

Then, no longer we give more returning him to the subject and are going to acquire those basic knowledge, so that soon with them, to develop to our own exercises and routines. 1. – First that nothing you must of knowledge that the muscle is developed by means of muscular fibers that are growing and forming our muscles whenever we are forcing to this (to the muscle) loading more weight of the customary one. 2. – You do not have to make series of more, nonSir, only must train of such form that your muscle to develop is feeling the change little by little. What happens is that you want if it to do everything in a single day, the unique thing that you are going to obtain it is to burn the muscle and the fibers necessary will not be developed to you to be able to form it (to the muscle) 3.