Month: July 2014


Elementary algebra is the most basic form of algebra. Unlike arithmetic where using only the numbers and arithmetic operations (like +, -, , ) in algebra numbers are represented by symbols (usually a, b, c, x, y, z). This is useful because: It allows the general formulation of arithmetical laws (such as a + b = b + a). Allows numbers refer to "unknown", formulate equations. and study how to resolve them. Allows the formulation of functional relationships.

What are the most commonly used symbols in algebra? + In addition to expressing addition, also expresses binary operations. Is coke constant terms. a, b, c is used to express known quantities. x, y, z. Is used to express unknowns.

n Is any number. a1, a2, a3 Expresses subscripts. What is an algebraic expression? It is a string belonging to the algebraic language that can contain numbers, variables or arithmetic operations. Example: An equation is assertion that two expressions are equal. Example: It is an algebraic expression containing one or more terms. according to the number of terms is classified as: Monomial: It is an algebraic expression that contains a single term Binomio: It is an algebraic expression containing two terms Trinomial: An algebraic expression containing three terms is and What are the signs of relationship used in algebra? Are those that indicate the relationship between two expressions. The signs of relationship are: Less Than: Greater Than: As a: = What are the signs of grouping used in algebra? Signs of grouping are used to change the order of operations. The processes referred to in them should be performed first. Signs of group are: The parentheses: () The bracket: Key () All of these definitions just given you surely will serve you lot to get a glimpse of what is algebra and its main components or variables with which she works, if you want to know about this and other matters more to fund visit:

Quality of Life

The vehicle that You lead, first you were created in the mind of somebody, the same it happens to its house, its refrigerator, irons, still with its machine to shave or its dryer. Everything happens this way. If you. it wants to change to his life and its future, definitively must change his mind, his images, which thinks and creates Then everything is originated in the mind. If this small principle were understood this way, without mattering education, the culture, history or surroundings, the people could arrive at inexplicable levels from growth and prosperity The Infortunadamente most difficult to change definitively is the form to think, thus would only change the form to live. The first problem that faces has to indeed do with the absence and/or the incorrect diagnosis that does of Its life. If there is no diagnosis or the diagnosis is incorrect, the conclusions and solutions also will be it. By personal experience, sometimes we have the mistaken concept of our own diagnosis, sometimes by ignorance, other times by personal whims, pride, reputation, etc.

Humility and sincerity is keys to reconstruct their vision and to improve their quality of life. Its life it can reconstruct from the details and two or three aspects keys. It is necessary to understand that the simple things have more value than we thought. The life is simple, its load can be easy and light. The people and the towns live in thousand errors for want of knowledge. It never is behind schedule for reflecting, to change. It does not concern his age, his experience, his successes or errors, because the first conclusion to manage to advance is the following one: The past it cannot be improved, be changed, published nor erased. It is not worth the pain to waste the time and that is worn away thinking about which could be and it was not, in which it had done or no, but is an excellent datum point to live his present and to project towards his future.