Month: January 2015

The Scene

The image has been prefab to hide the fear to acknowledge their true identity, avoiding his confrontation. The theatrical however, the image is presented as power of attraction to your audience. Your coldness is due to the lack of life that transmits the characters and people who look at it, but that the / she needs for each of the interpretations. His narcissism is more than boost the image and fear to acknowledge their true reality, aimed at theatrical representation. His coolness has blocked feelings and disguised as the world that relives his onstage continuously, with theatrical sense, made to the / her life represents.

Manipulation of things that make up your environment, the provision for guidance and the scene, carried it comply and have guidelines marked on the basis of this guidance and sometimes by ignorance and blocking that this represents, to auto direct, not being fully consistent with the damage and pain of the sentimientos ajenos. If I can enhance what I want, the public, my audience, you know my work and representation. I, am obliged to idealize and enhance everything that is close and subject to me. His I idealized must be maintained and protected at all times. In my scene, my work, do not fit weaknesses, nor another different answer to what I need, from the first moment that initiates a new performance. These people are seen in society as very special, stately air, decided, stately and distinguished, truly are weak, especially the hour of their material needs, which are very dependent, to give color to a body, to which they are subject and trapped. His soul is walled and her empty spirit.

They are slaves to this influence, the feelings have been blocked and replaced by the scene in his theatrical performance, theater of life. If not they realize in time, their existence will be driven and damaged by this way representation and true feelings toward itself and the rest of his peers, you will not be considered, if not denied. The paradox of all this is, that his image and representation can be damaged in many moments of life and be fully aware of this, being able to get a such State, in which the characters that make up your audience are not recognized by the own actor and it carried this decline and as any representation, who loses interestsee overturned, dead and seriously damaged to the not be seen as such by the partners. It is necessary that you realize in time and be rescued the soul which remains hidden and is understood in time real and vivid image is one that is accepted as is and is at the service itself and the rest of their peers.

Descriptive Study

Summary of descriptive survey of treatment against the erythrocytosis, based on oxygen therapy and respiratory physiotherapy in 3840 patients, monitoring the cases since 2003 until the year 2007.the present study was performed from 2003 until 2007 by Dr. Marco r. Revollo e., clinics medical Source Medicale, with patient consent informedin the cities of La Paz, Oruro and Potosi, trying to that it can be used as Protocol of therapeutic in people suffering from this evil, which not only affects the person but also to the family circle immediate and mediate it, with the subsequent deterioration personal(fisico, psicologico y moral), family, labour, economic and social.I hope that the study will be helpful for those interested, my dear patients. Dr. Marco r. Revollo e. 1.-brief summary of erythrocytosis (polycythemia). Erythrocytosis, commonly called poliglobulia, is a chronic disease that is classified into several types and is produced by a large number of causes, the more important impact of these causes is the increase in the number real of erythrocytes or red blood cells, said increased at the same time produces complications in the different organs of our economy with the passage of time, at the same time such an increase of erythrocytes produce hemodynamic changes that can produce sudden complications such as pulmonary and cerebral emboli that may cause temporary or permanent paralysis in different sectors of the locomotor system, or dysfunctions in certain brain areas causing problems in the sensory organs and these in turn lead to the deterioration of the patient’s social, family, academic and professional life.One of the most important causes for the debut of this disease are different cause respiratory deficiencies, i.e. can be produced by blockage or restriction in any part of the respiratory system from the nostrils to the intimacy of the lungs, causes morphological (variations abnormal shape of the different segments of the respiratory organs and tissues may be adjacent) or may be of physiological type (abnormal variations in the functioning of the different segments of the respiratory tract).Following with the Studio and knowing that the respiratory factor is the most important for the emergence of this disease, Therapeutics designed to alleviate it, not must be aimed at the decrease of red blood cells or erythrocytes per se, but both morphological and physiological restoration of respiratory capacity from pits nasal until respiratory cell recipient of oxygen nutrition and nutrients in the tissues of different organs of the body economy.