Month: February 2015

No More Fear The Dentist

Broken teeth and unsightly gaps must no longer be if you followed only some few tips and overcomes the fear of the dentist how important healthy teeth for our entire body, is by now well known. Very many people but still dentist panic and anxiety is before treatment in the foreground. A painless treatment is now of course become explains the dentist Dr. Angelika Betz in Munich in their article for tips-by IM, an independent consumer portal. A patient suffering from their practice almost 30 years extreme panic attacks, the cause of which was due in a ruthless way of treatment her dentist’s childhood.

Suffered much pain and agony earlier this patient. As a result, she moved to about her fortieth year of life beyond ugly gaps, broken teeth and a destroyed self-esteem. By the advice of a friend the patient to the Internet address after they then came in the Dentists sought, which could help her to overcome the fear of the dentist. Here, she found the Munich dentist Dr. Angelika Betz, which concept operates a well-being feeling practice with Feng Shui in the North of Munich. In addition the patient was confidence, because this practice was already equipped with a certified TuV mark. The interview with the dentist Dr. Angelika Betz answers many questions around the theme of healthy teeth.

To possess ever permanently healthy and strong teeth, brushing is still the “alpha and Omega”. The dentist also openly addressed that electric toothbrushes are not necessarily ideal for daily tooth cleaning. On the subject of tooth replacements from abroad the dentist goes a strict defensive, since Pass inaccuracies of Crowns often the gum tissue is damaged and this sometimes leads to serious inflammation. You explained the difference of different tooth replacement options and arrives at length on the subject of implant Prosthodontics. The treatment of pregnant women is not a problem, but it may be x-rayed on a case. Dental treatment before birth are always better, because if breastfed after the birth, syringes, which may be needed for dental treatment, are rather poor, as the agent in the breast milk. The dental visits should be made about 2 times per year for dental prevention. Thus, it is ensured that no major damage remain unobserved, and then become difficult major treatments. On the independent consumer portal, which sees itself as the electronic Web journal, are always informative and appealing article provided. Specials and reports on topics such as education, health, energy medicine, children, family u.v.m editorial: Smart Marion photo:

Dentist Dr. Jorn Thiemer

German patient help dentistry honors the Bochum-based dentist Dr. Jorn Thiemer for the best patient talk to implants. Ceremony at the International Education Conference in Vitoria (Spain). In the framework of an international education Congress for implantology in the Spanish Vitoria the Bochum-based dentist Dr. Jorn Thiemer is awarded dentistry on September 21, 2010 with the prestigious communications award. Eva secretly, first Chairman of the German patient aid dentistry honoured the dentist established in Wattenscheid for the best patient talk about implants. In her eulogy, Eva praised secretly on the one hand the informative nature of the talks and on the other hand, the clear and understandable language.

It succeed in his lectures exemplary, to bring complex medical issues in a modern form the people, Dr. Jorn Thiemer Eva secretly stressed. So, the audience were then able to make their decisions on the basis of a good and sound. A detailed information of the patients is not only in the “Lectures, but also in the daily practice of vital importance”, the 43-year old dentist said. Since 1993, he has his practice in Bochum-Wattenscheid. In addition to General dentistry before beginning, he specializes on implantology and aesthetic.

His patients to up-to-date information and handle according to the latest findings, also the own training is granted for Dr. Jorn Thiemer. So, the dentist has achieved the highest international degrees in his areas of expertise. Since 2005 he has been master of science of implantology, 2010 he earned the master of science in oral surgery in addition. In addition, Dr. Jorn Thiemer travels regularly to training courses in the United States and participates in medical Congresses. Latest findings incorporated promptly into practical work. So, Dr. Jorn Thiemer relies on a comprehensive safety concept in implantology as one of the first dentists in Germany. Testing test on hidden gingivitis, among others with the MMP-8 endanger the teeth, implants, as well as the General State of health. The dental community practice Tak is Heermann in Bochum by the universities of Marburg and Hanover as dental high care center of excellence certified and implantology, aesthetic dentistry, dentures, bone structure and orthodontics specializes on the areas of expertise. For more information,

Recessed Luminaires

Today, lighting is not only a means of producing artificial light, they simultaneously serve as decorative elements that adorn the interior, privnosyaschimi in his small but important touches such notes and refinement. When designing the lighting facilities today, lighting and the lighting must consider many parameters, such as agility and mobility, diversity and unity of style, general lighting and establishment of zoning. Lighting projects these days the problem is extremely interesting and difficult, but the variety of forms and types of fixtures (ceiling, wall, recessed luminaire), which differ in style, texture, size, color, texture, you can easily pick up the necessary lighting equipment for any project, virtually no loss of fancy decorators. The development of lighting equipment, no doubt, influenced by changes in interior design. So, with the emergence of false ceilings came the demand for a completely new direction in lighting. Ideal light source for rooms with ceilings are recessed lighting fixtures. They are the best way create a general illumination, but at the same time admirably with the function of separating the room into zones, with the accent on different design elements.

Modern recessed lighting is divided into two subspecies – spotlights and modular systems. The first type of embedded lamps, sometimes referred to as focal – spotlights – universal lighting, allow you to create light in a totally opposite type of light projects. follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The use of spotlights is caused by the needs and requirements of the draft coverage, features furnishings and interior design, objectives and purpose of premises. The very name of these fixtures – dot – is already showing functional features inherent in this type of embedded light fixtures. This type of lamp is called a "point" for ability to create a bright light beam at a small angle spread, ideally covering the surface directly under the lamp. If necessary, recessed spotlights can be arranged in several groups, each of which operates its switch.

Each group of lights illuminates the dumped zone premises. Such a scheme using embedded fixtures can successfully solve rather complicated task lighting large area space, although it would seem, spotlights, this problem can not do. There are several methods of using embedded lights in order to achieve the desired effect. For example, if you put recessed lights in the ceiling around the perimeter, we can achieve uniform illumination of the room, and the light is cold and well scattered. As a rule, modular spotlights used to illuminate offices. Built-in modular system or as few systems offer good direct light, providing an excellent level of illumination. This kind of Embedded lamps can be successfully applied not only in offices but also in classrooms, shops, exhibition halls, lecture rooms, hospital wards, training halls. It is obvious that the right choice artificial lighting facilities determine a comfortable environment for leisure or for work. That is why one should not underestimate the importance of lighting, because it may affect health and mood. Projecting lighting solution, should pay attention to each phase of work, without neglecting the little things, it is important to everything from light calculations and ending with the installation of embedded light fixtures.

Soft Growth

Therefore, some means for weight loss instead of the desired weight loss can be completed hair loss. Stress also did not contribute to stability of the hair. You probably noticed that is nervous, as with hair problems begin. When the unit stress hair loss quickly returns to normal, the vessels of the scalp quickly restored. But if the 'training' is constantly narrowing blood vessels in the head so that hair is already taking chronic. Hair loss often occurs due to various diseases. Hair loss as a reaction to medication.

At present, these drugs are more than a hundred. This birth control pills for high blood pressure, diuretics, antidepressants, steroids and even aspirin. Hair loss on due to careless handling. Coloring, perms, hair curlers, hair dryers, hair spoil, and if you can not refuse them, then at least let your hair time to rest. Also not recommended to wear wigs, hairpieces, false hair, tight braids and tightening, parted in the same place.

Even the masks can cause hair loss, if the mask is chosen incorrectly or not done in accordance with the instructions. All types of hair loss, take in enough food proteins and amino acids that are the building blocks for healthy hair growth. Between meals, eat fruits and vegetables, if you are a vegetarian, include in your diet foods Soy, be sure to take iron supplements and vitamins B and C as a dietary supplement to maintain normal hair growth. Good progress in strengthening the hair (especially to eliminate the effects of the last reasons) is the use of specialized tools for hair care products. They have a deep cleansing properties. It makes your hair susceptible to the active components of which have nutritional and tonic effect, stimulating hair growth. Immediately solved another problem with improper use of hair-dander. Less important procedure in the fight for healthy and strong hair is massage, and do not necessarily professional. Just put your fingers on the head and the soft circular movements massage the skin with fingertips – this will improve blood circulation to the scalp, and, consequently, the power bulbs hair. And if you ask your mate to make you a massage – and still get a lot of fun!