Month: February 2016

Franchisee Proposal

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Green Revolution

The relation established between field and city in the sample a subordination of the agricultural one to the urban one; that it increases World War II after with the intensification of industrialization. The cities grow causing the agricultural exodus, what it directly affects the field and its quarters. The urban one gains each time more space in the economy; an inversion of papers is evidenced from now on: the field starts to depend on the city. In the decade of 1950, the field starts its process of modernization in Brazil, the call Green Revolution; starts to use industrialized products modifying the agricultural scene, as much in its how much social productive aspects. With the overturn of the economy during the military dictatorship in Brazil, the situation of the field worsening, the high taxes of inflation and the low incentive to the agricultural activities, one more time provide the escape of the man of the field for the cities. In the decade of 1980 the picture if aggravates, the politics destined to agriculture diminishes again, with the freezing of the price of the Crossed Plan and the importation of many products, the agricultural producers if they become indebted with made financings, next to the banks what it loses it to cause of thousand of properties agricultural. The Treasury department esteem that the debt, contracted next to the public financial agents and private, in this period, is equivalent the R$ 87 billion. After the Crossed Plan, the prices of the agricultural products had fallen, the production costs had been kept, causing exaggeration between financial expenditures and prescriptions.

The capacity of payment of the agricultural producers was engaged. With the inflation, most of the agriculturists did not have as to quit the debts contracted in previous harvests. (Leading Brazilian business newspaper? SP, edition of 11/04/2008). In the dossier ' ' The routes of the agricultural world in the Latin America at the beginning of century XXI' ' , in a scene of great social transformations, economic and politics, this question is boarded, with an analysis made for the authors of ' ' Familiar agriculture and the new world rural' ': (…) for great part of the economically active population in agriculture, the expansion, in years 1980, of the agricultural jobs not-agriculturists represents not a magnifying of the chances of work for the superfluous members of the family become for the progress technician, but yes a possibility of survival, in general precarious, for producers without access to the progress technician, the enough land and crdito' '.

The Posterior

With the eruption of milk molars and the increase in the height of occlusion is further displacement of the articular head forward. Age peculiarities of the TMJ: A newborn head covered with a thick layer of fibrous connective tissue, and in adults – fibrous cartilage, which becomes thinner with age. Formation of pterygoid fossa is observed in 5 years. A newborn articular tubercle is absent, he just planned ahead of the mandibular fossa. Behind is a well marked extraarticular cone, which protects part of the middle ear drum from the pressure of articular head. With the eruption of deciduous teeth the size of the articular tubercle increases.

At the age of 6-7 years he is already well developed. With the development of articular tubercle extraarticular cone atrophy. Newborn mandibular fossa is almost flat, round shape. It operates in full, and the thickness of the bone slightly more than 2 mm. In what depth mandibular fossa increases, it is stretched in the transverse direction, acquiring ellipsoidal shape, which corresponds to changes in head n / h. Articular surface is covered with fibrous cartilage. Age features TMJ: The articular disc newborn – a soft layer of rounded, concave below and convex above with a barely visible bulges in front and behind. Consists of collagen fibers. Parallel to the formation of bone formation of the joint is formed and the disc, gradually gets thicker front and rear and a thin central portion, which is designed to ensure congruency of joint surfaces. Distinguish 4 zones drive: front-wheel pole, the intermediate zone, posterior pole, bilaminarnuyu zone (located between the posterior pole of the disc and the joint capsule and represented by two bundles, between which there is a neuro vascular zone).