Month: June 2016

Google Adsense

Blog – an ideal option to start their own business. Create it easy to carry, too, besides it’s a great experience and a path of self-development. But how can it make? Personally, I practice 3 sources of income: 1) Distribution advertising. As you can see I have a right to be placed Google Adsense, or they can place a similar advertisement by Yandex, Rambler (Begun) or whatever else. If your blog is still young, then of course the big money will not be, because its value is directly depends on the number of visitors. This is my blog is still quite young, so my income from this activity until the $ 2-3 a day. Of course, the monthly income of funny, but firstly it is growing, and second, imagine that you have 4.5 or blog Sites …

Even beyond substantial. In any case, a trifle, but nice $ 60-150 is not always redundant, and eat no requests posted ads. 2) Writing paid posts. There are special services on the similarity Blogun, which represent a platform for bloggers and advertisers, where the blogger can find an advertiser willing to pay the post, and the advertiser, in turn, looking for interesting blogs themselves. I already wrote about this earlier, when just started, making friends with service. Well, I want to say only positive experiences so far. Works qualitatively, the choice of advertisers normal, with the payment until there were no problems. Level of earnings again depend on how much popular and visit your blog.

Initially, you should not be greedy and “bending” the price, hold it for writing posts for $ 1 or less. Then, when the blog will be worth some advertisers are willing to pay up to $ 500 per publication. The only thing I want to say it is not necessary with this very zealous, because when the blog turns into a solid advertising platform, as the channel where there is an advertisement, it is not interesting to anyone. My personal opinion – optimum ratio is 1 advertising publication for 3-4 of your own. And even at this ratio I choose themes related topics of my blog, besides, I can write and advertise only what I think is really useful and efficient. Speaking in a nutshell, what, and so would recommend, and if so, why still do not get money for it? 3) Promote your own products or services, in principle, a blog can initially conceived as commercial enterprise in order to attract attention to your product or service. If he thinks so, then this source of income is the main, and this is nothing like e-commerce. The income depends primarily on what you are promoting. If this is an electronic product costing $ 40, and thanks to you blog to sell 10 units a month, earnings will be $ 400. If this is some kind of consulting services, and you find 5 customers per month, each of whom is willing to pay $ 200 for an hour of your time – consider yourself. In general, it all depends on what you do, the quality of your product or service and from a well-promoted blog. In short, for those who have something to sell or to offer an excellent blog, and maybe even the perfect tool for promotion. Generally, of course ways of earning no 3, and much more. For example, you sell links from your pages, you can promote a partnership product, you can just somebody PR. In general, there are possibilities and prospects, so go for it!