Month: January 2017

World Entrepreneurship

SmartMembranes GmbH Halle has a team of scientists developed an exciting idea to the maturity of the business and founded the SmartMembranes GmbH in these days: based on Fraunhofer development the company provides membrane which can be precisely adjusted in the nanometer range. These can be used in the industry of precise filtering processes of all kinds. The technology is superior to conventional filters. This means a great sales potential for the new company. Our SmartMembranes are built like beer honeycombs from the structure; We can filter in the Nano range. So you can capture such as viruses but also much smaller particles\”, describe the two founders of Petra Goring and Monika Lelonek their project. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. The basic idea was a membrane with pores through which barely fits a particle size of a few nanometers.

If you manage with precision, to make variable and precisely adjustable pore size in the nanometer range, it has a very useful product with unique features to offer. These highly ordered nanostructured porous membranes can be used for filtering water, air or other substances, the applications in industry and research are virtually unlimited. The idea of the SmartMembranes a founder competition for scientists was created from the fields of nanotechnology. The Nano-Entrepreneurship Academy (NEnA) are women from the nano research the minutiae of an entrepreneurial career. The founding team of SmartMembranes took first place in 2007 with their idea for NEnA. The contact to Fraunhofer-venture arose about NEnA. Fraunhofer venture is a Department within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, which specializes in business start-ups of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. For even more details, read what Dean Ornish M.D says on the issue.

It sees itself as a link between the researchers on the one hand and the market on the other side. And so now exciting two years in which much has been done to the idea into a viable business concept behind the founding team of the SmartMembranes and the specialists of Fraunhofer venture. First the team through the FFE program received funding for an entire year (Fraunhofer supports start-ups), to work alone.

Stomach Organs

By community acupuncture (foot Yangming) stomach stomach is located in the epigastrium. Its top opening connects to the esophagus and the lower, the pylorus, connects the small intestine. Its Meridian connects to the spleen which is internally and externally related. The main physiological function of the stomach is the receive, Digest and transform food and drinks. Food entering through the mouth, passes through the esophagus, arrive in the stomach and stay there.

Why in MTC to the stomach is called deposit food and drinks. The food and drink in the stomach are reduced to chyme by the action of decomposition and fermentation that takes place in the stomach. Chyme is then pushed into the small intestine. Any alteration in this function will cause lack of appetite, reduced ability to ingest only small amounts of food, indigestion, stomach distension, and pain in the epigastric region. Of course, only in cooperation with the function of the spleen to transport and transform the function of the stomach to receive, Digest and transform food and beverages be adjusted with success. The MTC attaches great importance to the Qi of the stomach, and believes that the essence of the human body is the Qi of the stomach. If the Qi of the stomach is sufficient, the five Zang organs will be full of vigor, while if there is deficiency of stomach Qi, the result is a generalized state of weakness.

While you have Qi di stomach, life continues without him, life comes to an end. He is understood by Qi’s stomach, on the one hand, the physiological functions of the stomach, and on the other hand, the joint work of the spleen and stomach to ensure a fluid but strong, not too fast and not too slow pulse. The Qi of stomach naturally tends to descend. After having been digested and transformed by the stomach, the contents of food continues stomach Qi downward path into the intestine in order to be subjected to a greater digestion and absorption. If the Qi of the stomach may not fall, but on the contrary rises, burping, hiccups, nausea or even vomiting are symptoms. The stomach is Yang in nature. You prefer to be moistened and hates the dryness. An excessive Yang often involves dryness and fire, which are manifested in sensation of dryness in the mouth and thirst, dry tongue, saburra of yellow color, and swelling and pain in gums. Note: The physiology and pathology of the stomach described above can be seen in TCM and Western medicine, to understand the functions of the stomach almost in the same way.

Ringing In Ears Causes Symptoms And Treatments

You have ringing in the ears is one of the diseases most common affecting the ears, and it can come the same ear or head. It is generally a mild illness, but it can also be a sign of a more serious health problem. Ringing in the ears can be very annoying, and in some cases, other people can hear sounds. The problem can affect any part of the ear, including external, middle, or inner ear. There are several things that can cause the disease, including the retention of liquids, infections or diseases that directly affect the eardrum or middle ear. When the nerves of the middle ear are damaged, can cause tinnitus (ringing or noises in the ears). Aging is also considered a cause of this disease. This is due to that the auditory nerves will deteriorate with the passage of the years.

Exposure to loud noises is also one of the causes of ringing in the ears. The majority of people are not aware of the effects of loud noises in the workplace, or through the use of firearms and also of the loud music. As extra data, it can noted that drugs such as aspirin can also cause ringing in the ears. Poor circulation also causes noise in the ears, although it is less frequent. If the hum is persistent, it is very important to seek medical help.

The doctor can arrive to determine the real cause of the situation that affects you, and may recommend appropriate treatment. In some cases, it may be possible not need no treatment at all, since the buzz can disappear by themselves. The most common is that doctors recommend medication to regulate blood pressure. If you suffer from ringing in the ears, especially for noise in the workplace, is very important to ensure you protect your ears. Plugs can be used when you are in a noisy environment. If found in a workplace with excessive noise every day, this can cause a lot of damage, so the plugs are necessary to protect themselves. Improve the flow of blood in the ears and the brain also is very useful if it is intended to eliminate the ringing in the ears. Massage the area around the ears and the neck is somewhat liberating. There are also some home remedies which can be useful if the problem is persistent. Before use make sure that they are really safe options. Foods that are consumed also can help you better live with the tinnitus problem. Therefore, to increase the intake of foods rich in vitamins A, B and C, and rich in minerals such as zinc can be very useful when you suffer from ringing in the ears. For more information about ringing in the ears and how to treat the annoying noises visit our website by clicking here, where you will find everything you need to know.

Argan Oil The Ideal Gift For Your Body

Today, technology has achieved great progress in the field of health and if it’s look well enough to attend a rehabilitation centre where removed with laser all these imperfections in the skin or wrinkles that occur on the face, these treatments besides being expensive and uncomfortable not always prove to be the idealsthe artificial in health and body care always provide passengers results and that it is likely to bring secondary reactions that can trigger drastic situations such as cancer in the skin or internal burns caused by the constant use of beautification, a very hard price to pay for trying to look good. Men and women invest fortunes in the care of his image, the beauty has become the main objective of the majority of people in Mexico in the last 5 years step of a 7 to 14% alone spending on consumption of beauty and fitness articles, i.e. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has compatible beliefs. that each $ 1,000.00 pesos allocated for household expenses14% will be used in beauty products and gyms, this without counting what is spent acquiring medicines that help to alleviate problems such as gastritis and intestinal damage, caused by bad eating habits that we acquire. In Morocco, the Maghreb of the ethnicity of the Berber women, have been used for hundreds of years an oil extracted from the seeds of a tree have called that Argan, this tree’s appearance rough and thorny, with fruits that are not pleasing to the human and that their leaves feed goats, is a plant that is in danger of disappearing due to its exploitation, and the growth of the population, as more people exist on the planet, more land is used for agriculture and forest extension tends to die out. Argan oil in cosmetics, to be smeared on hair, gives shine and strength, prevents hair loss or the appearance of dandruff, moisturizes and repairs damage caused by application of dyes or aesthetic manipulation. Argan oil in its edible presentation, prevents cancer, gastritis and reduces the risks caused by cholesterol among other health ailments. According to this the properties of Argan oil, are unique in its class, since it not only prevents health problems but to spread on the skin or in the hair leave incredible results.

Using argan oil in cosmetics in the body and the face, reaffirms the skin, and returns its natural elasticity, reduces wrinkles caused by age or expressions, eliminates impurities and spots caused by the Sun, moisturizes and returns the natural skin tone. For these reasons, believe that properties of Argan oil is the ideal gift for the body, not only prevents, also regenerates naturally, without paying the price so expensive (and not only speak of the monetary) using artificial methods. Are you interested to know more tips on the use of cosmetic argan oil? Discover more information about your usage and the properties of the oil of argan in my articles.