Month: March 2017


I have recently received some requests to talk about the issue of anxiety, because there not knowing the symptoms who are unaware that they are going through it. However I would like to go a little beyond just knowing what is, but how to cope with anxiety. In modern society have significantly increased cases of anxiety along with fear, anger or sadness, that all this is linked with the central nervous system. The symptoms of anxiety are very diverse, the most common are: continuous sweating, insomnia, tachycardia, an increase in breathing rate known as tachypnea, dilation of the pupils, feeling of choking or shortness of breath, tremor in the limbs, loss of control or of consciousness, muscle weakness, motor restlessness, difficulties for communication and even negative and obsessive thoughts, to mention the most easy to identify. It is worth mentioning that certain anxiety symptoms often resemble other conditions, such as cardiac arrhythmia or hypoglycemia.

By It is advisable to undergo a medical examination to discard them. In the vast majority of cases, the origin of generalized anxiety occurs when the individual believes and accepts being a weak, fragile or apprehensive person, i.e., that they affect external events or what is worse, those who are not sure but could occur in the future. You are constantly declaring a fear that feels and causes him anguish, fear and desire to flee, without identifying. All this boils down to fear that lives by his own insecurity and especially the way that internalizing and think about their problems. There are several types of treatments and therapies that have some effectiveness for people who suffer from anxiety and panic. These include: anti-anxiety drugs and psychotherapy cognitive-behavioral, this should be addressed by a competent and experienced psychologist. Coping with anxiety, I recommend you carry out a confrontation and negative or incorrect beliefs change, I’m talking about those thoughts erroneous approaches you to believe you’re weak or fragile.

I invite you to from this moment, you repeat I all can and have control of all of my situations. Here and now. Practice the technique to engage in auto talks positive, talk with you, recognize you all the achievements you’ve done throughout your life, you feel strong, productive, do not let you thoughts of weakness, nobody you can manipulate ever because only you have the domain. Learn more here on this.

The Chinese

When they ask their doctors as rid their fibroids, many women do not feel that they are taken seriously. This is mostly due to the hacho that fibroids are rarely dangerous, many doctors are of the opinion that the most convenient is to leave them until menopause, when, without an excess of estrogen in the body, they naturally empequeneceran. Okay if it is that this close to menopause, but for women with many years of their reproductive lives ahead, this can feel literally like a pro life sentence. Terrible symptoms such as heavy and painful menstruations, intestinal and bladder problems, swelling and inflammation, anemia and even infertility are things that a woman should not have to pass. Standard treatments include surgery and they are accompanied by medicated treatments and the problem with these treatments is that unless women are to perform a hysterectomy, these treatments will be almost safely only for temporary effect. Fibroids can be often grow back after surgery and drug treatment, an option to short term making it (usually prescribed before surgery) since they can cause real complications such as osteoporosis and other symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, thinning skin and vaginal dryness. The Cleveland Clinic shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Unlike other medical conditions, the fibroids are not caused by a disease, virus or bacterium which explains the because they cannot be treated with a standard measurement. When is this looking like rid of fibroids, you need to understand that this condition is mainly caused by a lifestyle and hereditary conditions and this needs to be taken into account when is this looking for cure fibroids.

When is this looking like rid of fibroids naturally, there are several theories related to the formation of fibroids and some of the following measures of auto aid have been thought to help some women. * Many experts believe that women with fibroids are more prone to inflammatory conditions and is by This is that their problems with fibroids will aggravate and cause they enlarge. Meals that have properties natural anti inflammatory are therefore intended as beneficial, such as cumin, Rosemary, HOPS and oats. ** The estrogen in excess can contribute to the formation of fibroids and reduce the level of this hormone in the body is important. Since estrogen is stored in fat cells, maintain a healthy body weight can help. ** Some pesticides and toxins can mimic the behavior of estrogen. So some women have found that liver detoxification can help eliminate these undesirable elements and help long term management of the symptoms of fibroids. ** The Chinese medicine has been shown to be effective in helping to clean the reproductive organs and therefore help us to get rid of fibroids. If it is, you are ready to take charge of your own healing process, there is a natural method that teach him how get rid of fibroids naturally. This method is guaranteed to work, and many women who followed the indications are that their symptoms are reduced substantially within the next few days.

Espirito Santo

We know very on praying, but little on jejuar. POR THAT JEJUAR? 1. ORDER. CLOSELY ON CONJUNCT AND JEJUM ARE Mateus 6:6 You, however, when to pray, it enters in your room and, closed the door, you will pray your Father, who is in private; your Father, whom it sees in private will reward, you. Mateus 6:17 You, however, when jejuares, unge the head and washes face, Mateus 6:18 with the end not to seem to the men who jejuas, and yes to your Father, in private; your Father, whom it sees in private will reward, you. 2.PARA TO LIBERATE TO BE ABLE OF the SPIRIT. WE CAN BE FULL OF THE SPIRIT, BUT STILL THUS, WITHOUT POWER OF IT IF JEJUAMOS AND DO NOT PRAY. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Professor Roy Taylor. JESUS CAME BACK ' ' IN THE PODER' ' AFTER THE JEJUM.

IT REPAIRS: Lucas 4:1 Jesus, full of the Espirito Santo, came back of the Jordo and was guided by the same Spirit, in the desert, Lucas 4:14 Then, Jesus, in the power of the Spirit, it returned for the Galilia, and its fame ran for all the circunvizinhana. 3.PARA TO HAVE a FAITH THAT BELIEVE IN SUPERNATURAL OF Mateus GOD the 17:20 and it answered to them: Because of the smallness of your faith. 4. TO HAVE PRIVACY WITH GOD. THE BODY AND THE SOUL IF SUBMIT TO THE ESPIRITO SANTO.

Romans 8:10 say: E, if Christ is in you, the body, in the truth, is died because of the sin, but the spirit lives because of justice. (So that you understand this truth better, she thinks about the following one: If somebody jejuasse six months with only water, its meat would bother never it again. It WOULD NOT HAVE AS to bother it, therefore its body would be died (literally) and its spirit would have IDO for the Sky) 5.PARA HUMILIATING IN THEM, That is, RECOGNIZING the SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD AND the NECESSITY OF ITS Esdras PROTECTION 8:21 Then, I proclaimed one there jejum next to the river Aava, stops humiliating in them before our God, for asking for happy day to it for us, our children and everything what he was ours.