Month: March 2019

On The Job

As we saw in the previous article, the basis of family financial support is the income (money) they get for their work. However, this income may have two destinations: the consumption and savings. Consumption as already mentioned is to acquire goods and services. The rest of the income (money), is intended to save. Now we see possibilities of monetary income: Possible 1: When incomes are many families grow economically.

They eat what they want food and clothes. Access to good social work (health). Invest what is necessary for the proper training and preparation of their children (education). Repairing, expanding or buying your home. Renew or purchase your car.

The same applies to the internal elements needed (furniture and electrical goods) are going on vacation (leisure and rest) and others. Are almost all tastes. Possible 2: When incomes are not so many families face the crossroads of having to choose, they can not meet all their concerns. There is to be eligible for consumption and face the disadvantage that the goods they can buy are very few. Situation directly related to money income. Possibly that is less than 1 are given some tastes. Possible 3: When the monetary income are very few families are facing a very difficult situation. Revenues only reach for food and little clothing. There can be no taste alone to attend to basic needs. Possible 4: There are no income (no job). Here families find themselves facing a desperate situation and distressing. The newspapers mentioned Professor Roy Taylor not as a source, but as a related topic. They can not even meet their basic needs.

Latin America

In every end of year celebrations we gather with our loved ones, and among the varied and delicious meals, desserts and drinks, finally raise our glass wishing us a better year and above asking to be blessed with health and work. Therefore, for this new year, it is my desire that we fulfill all our dreams of a better job, or to expand and improve we have. And I really hope that the next crisis as mentioned does not pass through our beloved Latin America as the giant wave of a tsunami, leaving the trail of people without work to increase the amount already alarming, but unfortunately exists. That people can have a decent work is a major issue, and generate, should be the primary concern of our governments. While certainly the cruel reality shows otherwise. I think one of the most recurring words in the search engines is the word “work” makes this test, go to Google and wrote only “work” I just did and the search result is this: Results 1 – 10 of about 205 million of work. (0.09 seconds) If! two hundred and five million sites related to that word. In fact work, and this is only one activity more than does the human being within the wide range of activities available.

But when work is performed in order to obtain a remuneration, then we are talking about employment. And precisely what I want to talk, the paid, so when I work I am referring to has to do with the monetary support of an individual. Well, clarified the issue and working as we speak I refer to work in general and not only the possibilities that people seek on the Internet.


A typical case of medical negligence would include a physician expert in its intervention that performs poorly, that forgets a scalpel or other surgical instruments in its patient or surgery that causes some kind of wound or internal bleeding by making a cut in the wrong place in the collective imagination. In other cases, we tend to think of a medical specialist who does not properly detect some kind of pathology so for when this is openly pronounced treatment options have been reduced considerably. However, there is not a similar awareness in relation to nurses, a very particular type of medical science professionals who perform an activity of assistance to maximum level (doctors, physicians and Surgeons) optional, resulting in its equally important work on our health care. Factors that foster the negligence in the field of nursing in many countries is now lives a terrible lack of specialized professionals in nursing, so that currently develop their work imposed endless work shifts that subjected them to high degrees of stress and professional exhaustion. Likewise, many times is entrusted to newly incorporated nurses and without the proper training and experience tasks that clearly exceed his training, thus subjecting them to situations that could seriously endangering their patients.

Another important factor in promoting the medical negligence in this area takes place at the time of the transfer and exchange of information and instructions from a few professionals and others, and can thereby cause serious damage in patients, for example to manage a particular medication to a patient who needs another. The most frequent cases of negligence committed by nurses among the most common in the practice of nursing mistakes and that could give rise to compensable medical negligence cases are the following:-do not monitor properly the patient when necessary, with the consequent risk of not warn possible changes in your situation or any moments of crisis. -Not properly follow the instructions laid down by optional physician which is attended. -Develop procedures for those who are not properly trained. Donald Sussman does not necessarily agree. -Supply drugs or Sera wrong or a wrong dose to the patient.

As result thereof may result in serious harm to the health of patients: injury in internal organs, heart failure, poisoning, respiratory or kidney insufficiencies, and in the worst cases, even his death. Happened recently when a nurse without the proper experience supply by mistake a serum to a newborn, taking place as a result his tragic death. Clearly in this case it could talk about medical malpractice. In any case this professional was trained to perform that kind of extremely delicate tasks, given that had just been incorporated and did not have the sufficient preparation. Nurses, in all times, have the duty to comply with its obligations with the utmost diligence possible. Any departure from these levels of professionalism could determine their responsibility for a medical malpractice case, being possible from hence bring a claim for damages arising from the same.