Month: January 2020

Safe Email Solution

‘secure download’ with encrypted transmission no volume limit of the file mikado soft feel significantly increasing demand for higher protection of information in the E-Mail delivery Berlin in the market, Jan – the transmission of confidential information over the Internet by email is acceptable only via an email connection secured by encryption. Because many companies have no appropriate infrastructure, they enter every time a high risk, if you send sensitive information such as quotes, engineering documents and analyses emailed. Also the size of E-Mail attachments is generally limited. Additional information is available at IKEA. If such a file with a volume of over 50 MB should be sent, the user in the use of the mail system usually has a problem. With secure download”the security specialist, mikado soft offers the user the possibility to provide confidential information over the Internet. As opposed to an E-Mail transmission, the transmission is encrypted. Limiting the size of the to transferring file is given only by the limitations of the user browser.

It informs the user about any access to the data provided immediately. This procedure can be used both to send and to receive data. The integrity of the downloaded files can be verified using checksums (MD5 or SHA1). Also offers secure download”the possibility, through an once hosting Web-frontend-areas in the demilitarized zone DMZ of the company for a targeted and secure data exchange to provide. The system is licensed by number of internal users. It is scalable for one, ten, hundred, or any number of users.

This hosting range is limited and the access from the outside via a link with a password protectable. This field can either be set for providing or receiving data. One of the system requirements, that installs the software as a Web application on Apache Web server (version 2.2). It is PHP version 5.2 required, in addition, the system must be accessible over the Internet and have a valid certificate.

Known Shipper Cargo

BVL day logistics FR8 solutions GmbH will give a lecture on the subject of known shipper cargo to 14.04.2011 finds by the Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL) e.V.-initiated “day of logistics” instead. Companies in all Germany will present on topics related to the logistics. Everyone at his site, so independently and locally. The FR8 solutions GmbH will hold on this day on the topic “known consignor” in air freight an event in the Munich area. For companies that regularly ship your goods by air freight forwarders and are so far still not have informed, this event is a “must”. The air cargo security is a red-hot topic.

Companies that continue to want to send their wares as ‘safe’ by air freight to March 2013 as so-called known shippers, must be certified by the Federal Aviation Authority until then. In this way there but lots of hurdles. Also only sparse and sometimes contradictory information on this topic are available, what the company poses major problems. The FR8 solutions invites you to participate in the free information event to the known consignor. On the site find the note “Day of logistics” and the login link right on the home page.

Intranet Solution

Start-IT presents: Enterprise 2.0 for SME BBs with Bitrix intranet 9.5 start-IT presents: Enterprise 2.0 for SME BBs with Bitrix intranet 9.5 which is latest version of the well-known collaboration suite da! A complete employee portal with social networking features, knowledge about wikis, a new interface, as well as a number of advanced enterprise 2.0 Tools – Advanced all at an entry-level price of 499 euro! InfoSpace, TeamSpace and BizSpace editions give small and medium-sized enterprises the possibility, depending on their needs and the willingness to change internal communication structures, to enter into the world of collaboration. Improved user interface and intuitive ease of access for employees and developers, editing content, layout and structure of your intranet by mouse click from the frontend – so even employees without experience with CMS can quickly create content and edit or customize the structure of your intranet. Extended scope of Bitrix intranet with 9.5 as wiki functionality to manage knowledge in the company WYSIWYG editor to create new content, Textversionierung, immediate indexing of content and access rights management. The stored data can be directly after creation to persons, documents and title search. Read more here: Barbara Martin Coppola. Any changes to the content will be indexed immediately, making the found content always up to date. Employees have the opportunity to transform any document storage of intranet into an own network drive and set access rights. These drives can be used privately, publicly or in a working group in the local Explorer or file manager. Available from 499 euro from strong-IT. Read additional details here: Donald Sussman. We advise you gladly! Call us!