Month: May 2021

Tibiri Maria

It said to you voice to it of my soul, yours in did not understand: Heart you do not have in the chest, Or is dif? rente of mine. You want that in language of the Land If they say things of the Sky? Heart that such desires, I do not want in it for meu.' ' The master retrucou: – There not valley son, for the grammar they become men! Challenge: ' ' Blond of braids, colored person, You dive so well, Lilinha! these hair, hair They are are detachable, my good? ' ' Reply: Blond I am, am yes, mofeiro! Pretty also, assaz! Liane Chuchu, my name, Blond of everything, tudinho, my good! ' ' (Jose Tibiri Maria) – You well, professor, but the preconception and racism of our language are great. – Why? – I do not speak of the Portuguese language, but of the language of the men. While it waited in the bus point I heard this of people who spoke, already of age: – My grandmother always said: ' ' girl, takes tries, when to grow and to order in this our farm take care with the black color that today is enslaved and tomorrow they can not ser.' ' ' ' Why, v? ' ' She answered in such a way with one of rabugisse: ' ' Because nothing that gives the black color to make this people of color she makes certain. far comes of this ladainha in the ear of our family, who says thus, son: Black color when not caga in the entrance, caga in the exit. means: Black when it does not make something wrong when it enters makes when sai.' ' Ah, v, this are nonsense! ' ' ' ' Nonsense nothing, takes tries! ' ' grew the girl with this in the head and finished being prejudiced and racist.

Wedding Hairstyles

Of course, most of your beauty will be glowing with happiness eye. But a little more effort – and you turn into the most charming bride in the world. Click Sleep disturbances for additional related pages. It is only necessary to choose the right dress, shoes and bridal bouquet. And, of course just pick up and make-up do wedding hair. Many of us can recall an episode from his childhood: beloved grandmother opens up family photo album with trepidation and show you the main photo – the one where she in her wedding dress, with a neat wedding hairstyle, amazingly beautiful and joyful. And very soon come a day when as a bride you Speak.

And it will be splendid dress, beautiful wedding hair style, a sea of flowers, the solemn gay marriage and banquet. And yet – admiring the views of others who can not tear off sight of you, the most beautiful, delicate and delightful bride. Of course, most of your beauty will be glowing with happiness eyes. But a little more effort – and you turn into the most charming bride in the world. It is only necessary to choose the right dress, shoes and bridal bouquet. And, of course, choose to make wedding makeup and hairdo.

With a choice of Dresses will help you shop assistant, but the wedding hair and make-up gladly take care of wedding stylist. By choosing a wedding hairstyle should be approached with great responsibility. It's no wonder they say that hairstyle can completely change the appearance. But among the variety of wedding hairstyles to find her? Here we should consider three important factors: – hairstyle should harmoniously with the dress and the wedding bouquet – your appearance and hairstyle should approach each other – hairstyle must be reliable and convenient.

The Throat

The desperation took account of me, tried to raise and I did not obtain. An old woman, with ackward aspect, entered in the room: Is all good and its husband soon will come to see it. When hearing to mention Osvaldo I did not have will of saying nothing and my words of doubts had died in the throat. People such as Blimi Marcus would likely agree. Again adormeci. Despertei with the sun invading the room, seemed to have slept days. To my side, holding my hand, was Osvaldo. A sensation of loathing, repugnance and love had taken account of me. In an impulse I removed the hand.

Where is our son, my son? . In this its look if became shady and its eyes had soon been marejados of tears. I understood that my bigger fear if confirmed. hate I you, for whom I suffered and will suffer I go to forever hate, as abandon he can me at the moment where more I needed, I to you never I go to pardon you . In the face of> My bigger error was to have assented in this cursed marriage, now will pay for all my life with the suffering that you imposed me.

Skirt leaves daqui me at least suffering in cursed peace. Osvaldo looked at stopped me in the eyes and spoke: Vou to make bitter for the remaining portion of my days the act to have it left alone forgives, me, I you I did not allow that it finished, wise person what it would say, I I was not made use to hear its lies. Now it did not advance to try to reconstruct a dream that was insults, or that it never existed. Saiaaa! Gritei. It left. I felt that my life was without destination since that instant.

The Truth

People who live showing its scars so that the others feel penalty of it. 6.Eles counts the wounds excessively: J 7,5 my meat is dressed of worms and terrosas crusts; my skin if encrosta and of new supura. J occupies almost all its 42 chapters of its book, to describe its wounds, who were in the truth great, but did not need to be the time all speaking of them. When it started to pray for its enemies, its history was reverted, its luck was changed and it starts to receive the double from God. II TAKING CORRECT ATTITUDES WITH the ERRORS 1.Viva the gift: Not alive of the past, nor of the future, it makes of the present time, really as it says the proper word: Gift desembrulhe its gift each day. 2.Os errors are relative: You compare negative experience with another bad experience of another person. She can that you have passed one day bad whereas another person passed one entire month. More information is housed here: Sketchers. She can that you died the cat whereas to another person you died its mother.

3.Seja sensible, says all commits errors: The people are not perfect, everybody this subject to commit errors. You need to say this and to place this in its mind. 4.Escreva all the bad experiences in a daily one: The fact to write everything what bothering you to this, it improves your situation. 5.Trate the errors with mood: The mood is much more easy to solve the problems using, laughing at them, commenting on them with favour. 6.Evite to commit error two the same times. You cannot prevent that people fight with you, but can control its answers they. III? HE CHANGES the PAST WITH GIFT 1, How we can change the past? Many believe that already if it cannot change the past, but this making a mistake, it can be changed yes.


Destination In the truth, what the destination? They say that the destination already comes traced, will be that God traces such destinations for its children. I refuse to believe that yes, I do not believe that Mr. is so perverse for desires such destination for some of its children, I believe that we dig to our proper I broke it destination of the moment who we do not give heard to the orders of God. BIG & LOUD Programs can provide more clarity in the matter. We launch ourselves in our proper luck when we do not give heard the words Mr. Our great problem is always is come back toward the desires of the meat and not of the spirit, therefore it is in it that God acts and abita. Already the evil uses the meat as usufruct and shelter for I reached its objectives, uses the seduction, ambition and the high luxury if affirms. Podiatrists is a great source of information. It thinks about this!

Neutral Load

To realise each question in the suitable moment. There are unsuitable questions, but no unsuitable moments and ways. See more detailed opinions by reading what Intersect ENT offers on the topic.. First we must collect much, mainly the basic needs of the client. Soon to enter with more concrete questions on more particular questions. It avoids that it seems an interrogation, for it you can justify your questions. It takes care of the climate of the conversation. Beam short and clear questions.

You do not ask subjects annoying, nor difficult to respond. The amplitude of the information that we want to obtain and the load of subjectivity exist four types of questions considering that we give the question: Closed amplitude of the information: the client only can yes respond or to no. Neutral Load of subjectivity: we did not condition the answer of the client. Amplitude of information Open: the client describes with his answer a situation. He is used what? when? how? why? which? Load of subjectivity Directed: we cause that the client responds of a certain form. For example: " Truth that the consumption of this reference depends ? " , " My experience indicates that this promotion to me increases a 10% the sales, you that thinks? " At the outset, to break the ice, we will begin with neutral open questions. We will continue with abiertas questions to obtain much data.

As we are obtaining data, we will position to the client with addressed open questions. According to we advanced we will be closing the questions to collect concrete data. In order to confirm, we will use closed questions. Finally, to close the sale, we will use closed questions directed. Chapter 5: Inquiry of the needs of the client listening activates active listening is the physical and mental effort to want to catch with attention the totality of the message that is emitted, trying to interpret the correct meaning of the same, through verbal and nonverbal official notice that the emitter realises and indicating to him by means of the feedback which we think that we have understood.