Air France

For example, in the city are flying one or two companies, do they agree? " – Says the studs. While there is this monopoly, it is not necessary to wait for cheaper, he said. Discount policy foreign airlines more democratic. Since the end of July you can buy a ticket for Air France flight from Moscow to Rio de Janeiro and back for 385 euros, Lufthansa will take you to Milan and back and is for 149 euros. True, the fly will have to transplantation in a European city. Since the tickets are not cheap, popular prescription anti-crisis 'travel without travel agencies' is justified only under certain conditions, which, moreover, should match. If we talk about foreign countries, the individual trip will be more profitable if you go long (over ten) days and / or find some really inexpensive and even free housing.

'It could be two-three-star hotel in a major city ", – said . At the same time better if you have selected the country does not need to apply for the visa in advance. Now the Russians can visit without a visa nearly 100 countries, though mostly exotic and distant state. Exceptions – Turkey, Egypt and Montenegro. This year, because of the crisis visas for Russian citizens on the tourist season canceled three other Balkan states – Croatia, Serbia and Albania. 'Ride own benefit if you are looking for something exotic, which is not in the standard package – then for the individual selection of the tour operator will ask to pay – said . – But there may be difficulties in obtaining visas, and meals be costly.

" Trips to Russia, most people plan without the help of tour operators, but there is a general rule – the cheaper the worse. While abroad, with a discount you can relax in the four hotel costs '', we have the cost of services decreases in direct proportion to its quality. But the high price of this very quality is not guaranteed. Note on the network you can find many tips on how to relax more cheaply. Tourists costs in advance to think through your vacation, then the savings will be required.