Avoid Work Accidents

The tragedy of occupational accidents is not limited exclusively to the tragedy they pose to the worker who is involved in them. a hese are also very costly in economic terms for the employer himself, would have the need to deal with the motivation of staff for the injury suffered by his companion, and lower productivity resulting from inability to have one of its employees. a Hence the fight against accidents at work is beneficial to all and each of the agents involved in the task of risk prevention, which requires an active partnership between the employer and its workforce, identifying and acting on potential factors avoidable risk in the facilities where it conducts its business. a The need for managers responsible for security to one of the most fundamental aspects in the prevention of risks, particularly in companies of any size, is to have facilities in the controls or officers responsible for , and, in particular, for their safety and health. a The functions of them would find the development of plans and studies for assessing the risks of different jobs, carefully examining each of the areas of activity. Issues such as electrical installations, machinery or heavy transport items (trucks, articulated trailers) should be reviewed individually. a In addition, the Delegate of risk prevention should keep an open line of dialogue with employees so that they could report any incident or unsafe condition that may arise in order to take immediate action.

training and awareness to the employees themselves should also be found among its functions, having in his case (if it were, for example, or petrochemical industries to work with other hazardous materials) organize periodic evacuation drills. a conclusions to be considered a In the prevention of occupational risks to the main tools we have are common sense and training. Many times the lack of care is behind such serious incidents that could lead to the death of the worker. a All the agents involved in the enterprise, from the upper to the last of the workers should take sides in this activity, each other on the basis that its position and its possibilities. The result will be the common benefit, avoiding many tragic events. Jose Alberto Espina Andria attorney specializing in employment law, personal injury, medical malpractice, disability, occupational accidents, and liability arising therefrom. a I invite you to visit the site, where you’ll find extensive information on these topics.