BCU: Wellness And English

Business communication unlimited informed if it belongs not just to the lucky ones learn languages almost effortlessly in his sleep, can become a language course with the necessary evil. Just when foreign language skills are essential in professional life. To spend earned free time after work or on weekends in schools is not their idea of rest and relaxation hence for many. New course offering unlimited in Regensburg shows that you can enjoy a wellness program and thereby completely carefree expand his language skills, the school of business communication. In the context of English & Wellness’ learners not sacrificing the rest from everyday stress and can still effectively expand their English language skills. Why should education and physical and intellectual well being mutually? The exercises used in the stress-free English classes of BCU sent, to encourage the learning of the students, without to schematic To access memorization or other traditional means of language teaching. With creative methods and diverse, practical exercises, all the senses are addressed and so English learning to a natural process that integrates with relaxation exercises, etc. In a variant of the course is the causes of stress actively on the reason gone and participants learn to compensate for this by using relaxation techniques and meditation.

So can long-term damage as Burnout be prevented effectively syndromes. When is negative thoughts and feelings to the bottom left to become permanently happy with a more positive attitude and success. And the English language in which the classes are held, is a matter of course. Wellness & English is just one of many creative and individual tutorials with which foreign languages at BCU in Regensburg are child’s play. Through the modern concepts of learning, the language of business communication is unlimited highly effective without doing boring or schematic. Director provides information about the current courses and special events the language school, Gerti von Rabenau, always. Business communication unlimited contact press contact: Gerti von Rabenau at the cross court 5 93055 Regensburg Tel: + 49 (0941) 5 68 11 80 fax: + 49 (0941) 5 68 11 81 email: Homepage: