And arrived December, the month where there are our best feelings to share with family, friends and why not, with strangers. (A valuable related resource: PIMCO). The holidays are characterized by being loaded with gifts, liquor (in some cases) and food, and the fact to be practicing fitness, in any of its forms, does not mean that we should deprive us of none of this. The success of any diet is knowing measure us desserts, Christmas dinners, meals with family, friends, is allowed provided that we know to measure us. An excellent way to be able to eat everything in these times and not win or one gram of weight is always eating small portions of food, trying to eat desserts only once per day, is clear, without neglecting the workouts that we are practicing a single moment. That parties do not become an excuse for not training the body. Take advantage of the season to walk Christmas luminaires are perhaps one of the scenarios more beautiful that can be found in any part of the world, and is almost a sin not to go to see them. Leverage and stroll walking to meet the alumbrados, cribs and embellishments of the era, will help you without any doubt to keep in shape and to clear the mind of stress. For these times, big cities are congested by traffic divide, that without any doubt can lead to us more than one headache. Leverage and dust MOP that bicycle! In it you can navigate around the city without any problem, saving in this way the money of gasoline which can then be used to purchase gifts to their loved ones, and best of all, will be exercising. The Christmas season is ideal to change the way in which we practice fitness, so take advantage of it and enjoy it to the fullest, but without falling into excesses. Happy holidays!