Codependency is a condition that can happen to anyone, when they are involved in a situation of romantic love. Contact information is here: Center for Colon Cancer Research USC. And we have no time to reflect on our actions, and how participating to enter into a relationship of this nature. Codependency is just one way of engaging in relationships. Yes well, isn’t proprietary just for couples, because we can create links codependent with parents, children, work, or what will I codependency is defined as that way to interact with someone who suffers from a form of dependency or to alcohol, drugs, work, play, exercise, or any behavior that cannot be controlled. Codependent people trying desperately to their partners to stop drinking, work, buy, play or any other behavior that is apparently, destructive for those whom we love so much. People suffering from this condition in their relations, are more occupied by rescuing their partners, that worry or deal with themselves are occupied and worried that our partner will change their behaviour, rather than contact with painful emotions and give us tells how to participate to make this happen. What is the co dependence? Codependency is defined as that way relate that one member of the couple, tries, tries and wants to control the behavior of the other.

Either drink, take drugs, working in excess, play compulsively, there are many manifestations. The case is that we are more busy in our colleagues or partners, that in ourselves. It is busy living in the outside rather than the inside. It is living through acts of the couple rather than their own. It is to keep a feeling that Yes our couple changes, we would be happy forever. The experiences are not so. First we need to look at ourselves, and then very then deal the well-being of others, including our couples. However, relationships which nourish of CoDependency, the main question is: do? How to redo me a life of its own? We are capable of risking everything on co-dependency.