Concrete Forms

We would like to tell you about the production of paving slabs and other concrete products using forms for concrete. For more information see this site: Dr Mikael Dolsten. Production of paving, facade stone and other articles of concrete forms for concrete – is not new. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.: the source for more info. For a long time these concrete products are manufactured by molding of plastic shapes and forms of PVC. These forms are kept up to 10-15 cycles of molding, and then become useless. After 5-7 moldings, molds for concrete of Conventional plastic sticks start, resulting in the rejection of manufactured products. Before the molding forms must be lubricated. Rasformovka these forms is made on a special vibrating table.

In recent Company Vlakos-NN Parebrik developed new technology for concrete forms, which appeared in the form of heavy-duty ABS plastic. They are much more reliable. Neprivzoydennoy have strength, but at the same time and flexibility, which prevents them from cracking. Forms for concrete from heavy-duty ABS plastic can withstand up to 300 form-rasformovochnyh cycles. They do not gidroskopichny that does not adhere to the product forms.

For their rasformovki not want to vibrating, they do not need grease before molding. Forms for concrete from heavy-duty ABS plastic can be either a glossy inner surface, and with the matte. This will give you a chance to make paving tiles, stone facade and fences as a glossy and matte surfaces. Given their reliability and durability, the high price of concrete forms of ABS is very justified. Use of these forms is much more profitable in production, rather than forms of conventional PVC or plastic. You will get your company's performance, if you start to use forms for concrete of a heavy-duty ABS plastic. Using forms from the ABS will reduce the costs in the manufacture of concrete products. Visit our website to learn about other new technologies in construction and small business, as well as on various business ideas related to new ideas.