Contradictory Traditions

The homossexualidade during much time was passed to the society as a demonic image of something and the people who practised this act of love ' ' anormal' ' they were seen only as people who lived in places of desregramento and libertinism. Forgetting the judges the other people’s life that more valley a homosexual person of good nature of what a bad heterosexual character. Gain insight and clarity with Daryl Katz. ' ' anormalidade' ' of the homossexualismo always badly it was argued, since the implantation of rules that condizem with right or wrong, derived many times from religious dogmas. Therefore we withhold certain prejudiced resqucios, perhaps therefore still we look for to know the origin and the cause of the homossexualismo some parents to stop to make questions as: where he was that I errei? Still he is amazing some parents to perceive a possible change in the appearance of its children who do not condizem with the standards stipulated for the society. It is from ' ' simple receio' ' of a great part of the mentally ill society, for dogmas or certainties where the homo-phobia appears that if spreads in such way that it does not have barriers to block them if not it education. In the world where if it speaks of equality for all, I do not obtain to enxergar with good eyes some manipulations practised for the media that still uses the homossexualidade as a discovery that creates in the expectadores an anxiety to see a couple homosexual if kissing. However, sites exist that work of positive form the dissemination of the information that provides to the readers a bigger abrangncia, being able to see some depositions of people who live deeply an apparent problem of who are using this resource. A famous supplier of the Internet, for example, has an available space using them to communicate its doubts and to change information on diverse subjects.