Doorway High Costs

The low-cost alternative to the key service of Oberweissbach, October 27, 2011 – once just wasn’t paying attention, already the door has fallen to the keys in the apartment and the trouble big! Especially in the autumn makes the stormy weather that that suddenly standing in front of closed doors. The key Depot PiNkey offers a low-cost alternative to the expensive key services: has you locked yourself, provides user-friendly service within 40 minutes the spare key and compared to the key service PiNkey can more than 90 percent * be more favourable. “Just you sitting comfortably at the breakfast table and wanted to get the newspaper only briefly, but a gust and already standing awkwardly in front of the locked door,” portrays Steffen Malessa, PiNkey Executive Board, the typical scenario. “A replacement key is not at hand and the expensive key service calls seems inevitable. For such emergencies we have developed our service.” The key Depot PiNkey outsources a Spare key anonymously and safely. In case of need, a call is enough and the keys is delivered within 40 minutes. PiNkey is fast and can more than 90 percent * be more favourable than the key emergency services *. For example, an emergency opening euros almost 500.00 on the weekend with replacement of the door lock claimed the German key service center (prices according to German key service center, available at).

Compared storage for PiNkey costs 2.49 euros, or 29,88 euros per month year. Euro 15,00 will be charged for the delivery in case of need. Malessa: “thus the opening with the spare key storage costs only 44,88 euro, no matter whether they lock out himself on a weekday or on a public holiday. “Depending on time of day, weekday and reach can PiNkey more than 90 percent * save the cost of a locksmith.” The principle is as simple as it is ingenious: the spare key is anonymously stored in a vault at a regional delivery partners of PiNkey. Is the A call to PiNkey enough owners before closed doors. The service company affiliated causes the delivery of the key in a location of the Exchange. After the owner called the agreed password, the key is handed to him. Here, particular emphasis is placed on the safety of key storage and data protection at PiNkey.

Get more information about PiNkey 08000 – 74 65 39 (08000-PINKEY) at or by calling the freephone number. * CF. preise.html printable photos free of charge: de / pinkey company description about PiNkey: PiNkey AG is a nationwide operating key deposit. With the help of regional partners, PiNkey allows the safe and anonymous storage of spare keys. In case of need, PiNkey provides the spare keys day and night, cheap and fast. More and more people benefit from the favourable alternative for the key emergency services Germany wide. More information under: company contact: PiNkey AG Volker Haase Samuel Santos Route 16 98744 upper Weissbach Tel: 036705 65000 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Tower PR Holger Depenbrock Leutragraben 1 07743 Jena phone: 03641/8761181 E-Mail: Web: