Entertainment In Spain

Spain – a state in the south – eastern Europe, on. Visit Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. for more clarity on the issue. Spain has borders with Portugal, Andorra and France. Washed Spain Mediterranean and Atlantic seas. Capital – the city of Madrid. The climate in Spain is a sharp temperature drop during the summer and winter. Summer in the central plateau of almost all the rivers dry up. Forests in Spain is very low, that as the climate is very dry. Among the trees predominate: the cork oak, beech, walnut, Sina, poplar, almonds, lemons, figs.

But wildlife is very diverse: the wild cat, deer, bobcat, fox, wolf, hare, wild boar. A special place among the animals in Spain is bulls. State system is a constitutional monarchy. The king stands at the head of state. The population is 40.2 million.

National language – Spanish. Faith – Catholicism (99% of the population). The notebook tourist: – time behind Moscow 2, 3:00 – Spain famous for the whole world for a fiesta – impossible to imagine life without Spanish bullfighting. It is held in huge amphitheaters – in Spain, a large number of museums and art galleries, and Madrid is the world capital of culture – Barcelona Aquarium is the largest water park in Europe – in the capital of Spain is the oldest restaurant in Europe – "Casa Botin"; it was opened in 1725 Here is a summary of all that a tourist can bring his notebook. Material is partially taken from the directory "World" edited by Shabanov