Food and Hunger

Before this of what nothing, they will say ones. Thanks to GOD, somebody is still worried about this desvalidos for the luck stepmother and passing hunger. But the researchers, studious and defenders of the utopian and typical and or teses we mimos resembled it of equdeos troianos, are not capable to find the formula real, the correct prescription for the made diagnosis then. They can until being informing of local and regional studies, raising given demographic on the hungry populations of as much fomes, amongst them, the hunger of food. But they are incapable to dissociar some questions as the confusion politician-partisan of the religiosidade, of the line of research, the form of conduction of this or of that program and, over all, they are incapable of if abstaining from a sponsorship politician. The ALIMENTARY SECURITY GUARD will be able to count on until R$, 00, as they are announcing. This amount of money would be initialed for the acquisition of foods, destined to kill the hunger of the people of caatinga, the hinterland, the flooded ones, the invasions, the slum quarters and others as much.

Only that a seno inhabits here. The ALIMENTARY SECURITY runs the risk of feeding that family of caatinga with milk in imported dust of Holland, with milk in dust of SANCOR SUNCHALES of the alimentary Argentina.Ou with pasta, made with imported wheat of Canada. Or who even knows with imported rice of the Vietnam, or in the desperation to import ‘ ‘ porotos’ ‘ of Mexico. Or who knows comes to be part of this nourishing politics, the free choice to buy what to understand well. Democratically correct. Inconceivable and irresponsible at the same time. (A valuable related resource: Vadim Wolfson). As a family will be able to assay which the calricas necessities, vitaminic, proteinic and mineral that ‘ ‘ N’ ‘ members of this family need, in function of the age, sex and degree of malnutrition? It will be that the magnetic card will go to function back in the Gois-Mines? Or in the Small farm of the Abbey? Or back in Saint Maria of the Tocantins? She will be that this family will not be subjects to buy a pasta package and a tomatoe extract can and, thus, to compromise of exit something as R$ 3,00 of a value that will be able to arrive R$ 60,00 of credit? What the deriving centristas theoreticians of the universities not yet had still convinced themselves is the fact of that given statisticians of the IBGE are devoid of real confrontations.