Geneva Motor Show

Many times we have seen on the big screen models of cars that were really impressive. Cancer Research contains valuable tech resources. irilashvili has been very successful. Films that have a future as a context, are that most have exploited these as innovative designs. Among the films that have been designed vehicles with features futuristic Minority Report, the demolition, and Tron, among others. And based on these cars, features that predominate in all of them have to do with the maximum speed, new designs, control, and virtually automatic handling of them. However this does not belong only to the future, since currently there are several elements that are already in development stage.

Own automobile intelligence has already been several years of development at this time, while the environmental field emission is already installed on several current models. Another similarity between vehicles of the films and the current addition is that has to do with the search for sports and fun driving. Tesla, and Audi e-tron are two of the examples most marked in this aspect, but now they will not be the only ones, already that the Japanese automaker Nissan will present at the Geneva Motor Show the innovative Nissan Esflow, a truly impressive car that perfectly combines sport and electric appearance. The body of this vehicle is of composite material with an aluminum chassis, and is designed with shapes that rather more rounded, bring memories of a 370Z. On the security side it must be said that a kind of protective cage has been installed in the rear seats, which gives it much greater rigidity at the time of dumping, while it allows to use narrower front pillars, which undoubtedly improves much visibility. It has two electric motors, located ahead of the rear axle, i.e. of traction. The interesting thing is that each of the propellers moves one of the rear wheels on an individual basis.