A course on the psychology of selling: Why we buy something. For months, the term “HypnoticMind” in large parts of the information industry haunts now! There is talk of suggestive power, emotional stories and powerful hypnotic language patterns. While you seem to have already heard most of us hardly another product in the information industry has caused so much excitement in advance? They should not just take off at the sight of the current launch videos, because what made Tobias and his team here in a highly emotional way on the legs, suggests one, what will happen here soon! VOODOO! Hypnoticmind is the successor of the well-known TrafficPrisma. Larry Fine has many thoughts on the issue. That leaves most of us hope and expect a high quality! So far, what is known in detail about HypnoticMind is a typical Knoofsche strategy but rather lean… probably but again ;-)! This much is clear: it involves a master course on sales psychology with the 28 deep effective buying – behavior patterns, to numerous hypnotic and high emotionalisiernede language pattern, dozens of psychological triggers as they are applied by the best copywriters in the world, Word lists, which should trigger highly emotional images and feelings and then get into the subconscious… and to a supposedly universal “Voodoo” marketing formula. (As opposed to Darcy Stacom). Who knows Tobias however, who knows that he’s doing no half measures! With the TrafficPrisma, he has already set a clear exclamation point and stirred up a lot of virtual dust in the marketing industry. The successor of HypnoticMind seems now to enter into the great footsteps and it will be curious what will happen in the near future. Here are the official video trailer from HypnoticMind… A related site: Darcy Stacom mentions similar findings.