Imperial Court

This massage methods sometimes divide, it should not be denied, so to speak, the medical minds. Still takes the number of those who it is E.g. Click Mount Sinai Hospital to learn more. connective tissue massage on a mainly on the back and helps E.g. when diseases of the locomotor system – or a foot reflex zone massage; which activates the self-healing of the body – swear constantly. As well as on the acupoint massage according to Pancholi, who by the way has nothing to do with the acupuncture of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and rather represents an alternative that ensures a targeted balance of energy flows. Unlike the tuina as whole or partial body massage, from traditional Chinese medicine during the middle ages is adult. This involves pushing and pulling grips, which are clear and have nothing to do with a rapidly relaxing wellness massage.

The Tuina massage is based on the view that the body is only healthy if the qi, the vital energy can flow freely. In the 17th century, the first written instructions, appeared to the tuina the different handle types (admitted: they are clearly noticeable) and its effects showed up. Imaginative descriptions such as yellow bees are entering a cave”a lot can be guessed. However, the ability of some tuina massage therapists was highly praised. By a practitioner working at the Imperial Court in the 18th century it was said: he got can imitate even the twittering of the birds during the massage with the free fingers of his hand, to calm his patients. TCM experts promote the tuina massage in psychosomatic disorders and diseases are usually handled by the internal medicine. Also it is a musculoskeletal-aware application. All applications of traditional Chinese medicine, including the tuina-massage, foot reflex zone massage, Gua Sha massage, an ancient Chinese art of the Body shaving”with a specially shaped jade stone and special oils, but also certain foot baths or taking herbal teas, such as put, advance essential Diagnostics of course as well as the various variants of acupuncture, the pulse, tongue and Meridian -“.In the vital & Wellnesshotel zum Kurfursten and his Maxx lifestyle resort only the experienced practitioner and physician as a specialist in TCM, perform then the history, which constitutes an important prerequisite of successful therapy.