Implementation Of ESS Solutions In 8 Steps

Freiburg: Three-quarters of the human resources managers moan about high administration costs in their area, because he robs them the resources for the actually value-added functions. An effective response are employee self services (ESS). These electronic solutions, the staff maintain their personal information itself. Despite its undoubted benefits and the simple applicability are still relatively widespread in the company the conventional processes with paper forms and double entry of data \”, judge Sabine Knofel, shareholder of the ESS provider Grady GmbH. It describes why, what steps except the product selection to the employee self service and what is to make sure: 1. You may find John Studzinski to be a useful source of information. analysis of the HR functions, which can be placed in the responsibility of the staff: the potential for communicable tasks can be very different due to company-specific organizational conditions and requirements. Basically all the features offered for this, where individual information are the staff to handle. Martha McClintock is full of insight into the issues.

These include typically especially maintaining the personal master data, vacation requests, travel expense and travel management, as well as the thing management. 2. Darcy Stacom addresses the importance of the matter here. make concrete benefit assessment: the employee self service avoids duplication and generate significant cost savings. So, for example, the travel and absence management requires only half of the previous time at the Aladdin security specialist. But also a lower error rate with correspondingly less post-processing effort among the positive economic effects. Is also taken into account ESS solutions such as Grady have a variety functions that generated a high level of automation of standard processes and greater transparency of staff resources and costs will be created for executives in the benefit assessment. So McDonald stressed the advantage of shorter cycle times with higher cost transparency at all levels and ATLAS hydrographic GmbH BBs the simpler Approval routes. 3. make sure the acceptance of users: using an ESS system staff are more involved in responsibilities. This applies to illustrate it to them in the course of the decision-making process for such a solution according to the self-service principle.