Infrared Cabins Much Wellness

Energy saving is also in the wellness area. Infrared heat cabins show by its energy-efficient site. Recently Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. sought to clarify these questions. Usingen, the 18.10.2011 – a convincing argument for buying an infrared heat cabin is in addition to the relatively low cost and the wellness effect high energy efficiency. Low energy consumption the IR-cabin certified not only environmentally friendly, but also rigour in terms of power consumption. Comparing the cost of ownership of an IR cabin facing a classic sauna, the infrared heat cabin cuts off extremely well, considering that an application from an average 30 minutes at normal room temperature of approx. 20 C will cost only 16 cents *. The low power consumption of the IR-cabin founded one – is the one that an application with 30 minutes significantly less time, so taking power, claimed as a relatively time-consuming, to repeated sauna session, to which a long warm-up time in the sauna room of approximately one hour must be added. Infrared heat promotes health with Effect and the many positive health effects of an application in the infrared cabin are as high as in a sauna with significantly less time and costs Tenn low consumption costs of wellness.

The heater requires between six and ten kilowatt hours energy. Compared to the power consumption of the infrared cabin is one and a half up to three kilowatt hours. Equivalent, this means that a 2-hour sauna session about five euros, but in terms of cents going on the regeneration in the infrared range. Who uses its infrared heat cabin twice a week, pays monthly EUR 1.28 for electricity costs. Also, infrared cabins can be connected to all domestic 230 V Sockets – eliminates time-consuming and costly plumbing or electrical wiring installation work by an expert. So, a personal wellness can be realized landscape with IR cabin for small budget with low energy costs. The cost of the infrared cabin is also due to the low energy consumption within Pays for months.

The compact, energy-efficient infrared heat cabin offers the ideal solution for energy-conscious followers of the sweating room, which may not waive the relaxing and purifying heat at home. Modern infrared heat cabins are offered in different sizes for 1 up to 4 persons and are available from standard up to luxury amenities. For more information see * (up from 24 cents per kW/h) company description my sauna GmbH was founded in 2006 by Norbert Casellini and his wife Sylvia. In the same year was launched for the online shop, which specializes in the sales and consulting on high-quality infrared cabins. The successful shop founder recorded since then continuously growing customer and product sales, owing to on three essential criteria for success:-infrared cabins are a real alternative to the sauna on impact, space and installation costs.