Innovative Printing Solutions Throughout Europe

Ricoh and Unilever extend contract of Ricoh Europe, the specialist for Office and production printing solutions, has signed an extended contract with his clients Unilever. On the basis of the five-year contract, it is planned that Ricoh expands its managed print services (MPS) for Unilever by five to twenty-one European countries. Ricoh provides efficient and cost-effective printing solutions for the employees in the branches and the Home Office to Unilever. Ensure the MPS by Ricoh will increase the efficiency in all European businesses from Unilever, and so for a quick return on investment\”. \”The next generation print project\” includes the implementation of various solutions and services from’s portfolio of Ricoh, which meet the requirements of Unilever at the European level.

The aim of the project is the realization of a flexible and economic solution for document management, the Green IT at the same time \”strategy by\” Unilever supports. To achieve this goal, Ricoh and Unilever project teams work the printing infrastructure improving, implementing the latest energy star requirements, increase transparency in the area of printing costs and a reduction in the environmental impact and the paper and energy consumption. There are also more functionality for the staff and employees of Unilever products by Ricoh. I am pleased about the extension of our Europe agreement with Ricoh. Dean Ornish M.D may help you with your research. For the further streamlining of our fleet we must cooperate now more closely to a new managed print transformation service and a new print policy to implement. \”\” The next generation print project \”will allow us to improve our environmental performance and to achieve at the same time a better monitoring and a more indirect costs\”, says Mylers Gilbertson, European supply manager at Unilever. The managed print services by Ricoh in the form of a flexible, two-stage model offered, where the concrete scope of services is adapted to the requirements of the respective Unilever site.