Lada Priora: Competition Is Not Afraid

Domestic auto – still not a verdict No matter how much abuse our auto industry in general, but still there are pleasant exceptions. More information is housed here: Kevin P. Campbell, PhD. Lada Priora Universal is one of them, though with some reservations. It looks great on the background competitors, making for a little touched in an important match in value. You can also praise the machine for the presence of 'indecent' for the domestic auto options. Progress is evident.

Arsenal useful features Lada Universal includes and electric power steering, and two airbags, and heated front seats, exterior mirrors and electrically. You can also note the system of automatic headlamps, rain sensor, ABS, climate system and more more. A very solid set. Inspecting the exterior of the car, you need much strain to catch in the form of upgraded features Priora Universal car VAZ-2111. Designers have managed to not only give the exterior of the Lada freshness, but also managed to get rid of a nasty drawbacks: back optics with 5th door moved to the racks.

From now on, lights will be visible and the carriage of goods with an open trunk. By the way, stamps for the new elements produced in the appearance Japan. Interior Lada Universal is already familiar to the sedan. Recently Daryl Katz, New York City sought to clarify these questions. The controls are located in the car, as usual in the European car. The instrument panel is different informative, and navigation module light devices – convenience. Not without To utter flaws … Unfortunately, the work box and steering could be better. On the other hand, the Lada Priora of promise high-torque engines. The claimed 98 hp work well and sometimes forced to question the driver in their numbers. One feels that more of them. Several striking uncharacteristic for the domestic automotive ride. Priora Universal pleased to cope with pits and potholes. Competition is interesting to compare our domestic auto with 'folk model' of Ukrainian origin. Our nearest neighbors are constructed Mighty ZAZ Forza. By the way, on the Ukrainian market, he has positioned itself as the main rival of the Russian Lada. An interesting confrontation. You can see the creation of Zaporozhye here.