Living Water Allergies

Advanced the builders to mix cement activated water, which made him become stronger and able to withstand higher dynamic loads. Dead water (anolyte) is barely perceptible to the taste acidic and have a strong disinfectant and sterilizing action. It can disinfect water by the type of ionization of silver, but treated with silver water can not be used for years. In people with kidney disease, at best, will come from intensification of metal from the group of heavy, do not like about this subject producers and pundits, and consumers know ionized water to silver on the breaks in her hand, forewarned – armed. The anolyte used increasingly by farmers for processing and ancillary selhozpomescheny, clothing, utensils, tableware, fruits and vegetables, healthy animals and themselves. In medicine, water activated strerilizuyut tool. While spending on 'Septabik' and other chemicals, disinfectants do not have to, water on hand, electricity, too, plug in and was dead within minutes, or water of life, each according to his needs. If this is not that important, irritation of hands and body, that's where the field for people with allergies.

Medical use Activated water is very wide, from gastrointestinal to systemic disease in immune-level, including allergies. Living water (catholyte) is an immunomodulator. It penetrates the cell membrane, and normalizes restores its work, energy (ribosomes) and the exchange affecting the whole biopolozhitelno the entire body. Living Water normalizes the redox processes, reduces lipid cell membranes, acting the role of the antioxidant at the best of imported drugs – Megamin.