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\”Pleasure trips 2009\” presents wine and wine connoisseur hotel in the wine-growing regions of in Germany. The hotels invite connoisseurs, for the travelling Persion travels free. A limited travel guide with exclusive advantage offered by favorite hotels now reappears Dresden (19.01.2009) with pleasure trips\”. Over 230 pages presents the book the 13 beautiful wine-growing areas in Germany. It wants to encourage the reader to get to know these regions themselves, thereby it provides numerous recommendations for hotels and wineries.

With the enclosed invitation-cheques can be booked directly exclusive benefit arrangements, which mean a discount of 50 percent and more. The idea for this book was born in Dresden Saxon wine. The managing director Rene Schulz, Gerald Peter were impressed by the goodness of grape juice, which is in large parts of the population still in stark contrast to the General image. In fact, not only the wine from Saxony, but from all German has Growing areas a quality corresponds to the international standard of the top. In cooperation with the German Wine Institute (DWI) in Mainz decided to favorite hotels, to wake up not only the desire for German wine, with a pleasure travel guide but for the reader interested to directly visit the wine regions. So all 13 German wine regions portrayed and presented the most beautiful hiking routes through these regions.

Matching pleasure travel presents\”leading winemakers from the respective regions, as well as the most beautiful hotels. Special arrangements were agreed with this, who are the readers of the book available. Enjoyment for the senses, for the palate, mind, and of course the body is in the first place. When selecting the featured houses, the editors have drawn the judgments of the well-known Hotelbewerter, popularity, their own impressions and holiday wishes of the demanding bon vivants to help. The result is a mix of special, popular and quality-conscious listed hotels.