Try not to act hastily, hasty and reckless, act wisely. May be errors in the work, nervousness, irritability. Must by all means stay calm and not allow themselves to provoke indiscretions. Because of Mars in Aquarius during this period may be various injuries (bruises, blows, cuts), urgent surgery. There ppasnosti on the road. Perhaps mental overexcitation. Undesirable in sports. Aspects of Mars will continue until March 15.

However, travel, fly in and out of the city will still be adversely entire month. After March 15 can experience the rush of great strength and energy, which is good to use for the active creative work. Managers of enterprises and businesses will be able to control the energy of a team and send this collective energy in the right direction. Favorably exercise, do physical work, improve their skills. Included is like a second wind around you creates a positive energy field, there is the ability to work on some complex powerful energy situation, because you are given support to the energy of the whole team.

The most interesting event this month – a compound of the Sun with the star Achernar, which will occur on March 5-6. It is a white star, whose name sounds like al-Ahira-n-Nehru, which means in Arabic 'end of the river. " Astronomers know it is also called the Heavenly River. Symbol of the star – a cherub with a sword. Its action is comparable with the action of the planet Jupiter, which in astrology called the 'greatest happiness'.