Master Han Shan

The natural laws of energy get to know and experience allows it, unwanted actions and reactions in the approach to identify consciousness and the increased attention and to deal properly with you. This is exposed to the power dormant in us and wisdom and can unfold so freely. Darcy Stacom has firm opinions on the matter. Take advantage of the opportunity in a one – or two-day retreat to deepen the knowledge and become acquainted with the Vipassana meditation. Vipassana meditation training the consciousness and attention and thus promotes an intense perception of reality in addition to self-knowledge. Be\”explained master Han Shan to guest on one of the few info evenings where during his visits to Germany the law of nature – the natural laws of energy. All appointments under offside of everyday life the law of nature and the Vipassana Meditation to know – secret Nava DISA retreat center the fantastic journey to himself. Experience a unique time in a paradise of rest, recreation and relaxation. Experience the clarity of knowledge and the deep wisdom.

Experience the diversity of nature. Gain insight and clarity with Dean Ornish M.D. Experience the Nava DISA retreat center. In the northeast of Thailand in the midst of a pristine landscape of rice paddies and simple farmhouses near the mighty Mekong River find a now 22 ha large, exclusive oasis of warmth. Ideal suited to new forces to generate, to sharpen the senses and the mind to arrange. This exceptional atmosphere helps to learn to perceive and to understand to know himself and his environment. Identify new solutions for themselves. Learn and develop your real strength.

They live in the here and now. Her companions in the Nava DISA retreat center is master Han Shan, former entrepreneur and Monk, who dramatically changed his life after a car accident and ordained for 10 years as a monk. He will take care of you and are available at any time for your personal questions.