Memory and Attention

Games, shared readings, specific activities to develop the writing and abilities of memory and attention are party to suit of intervention. To the measure that the dislxico if perceives capable to produce it will be able to advance in its process of learning and to initiate the rescue of its auto-they esteem. Consideraes final the dislexia is not the result me the alfabetizao, carelessness, desmotivao, partner-economic condition or low intelligence. It can reach people of the races equally white, black or turns yellow, rich and poor, famous or anonymous, limited intelligent people or that more. The dislexia is characterized for the difficulty to acquire the reading in the habitual age without it has any atony or sensorial deficiency.

As the difficulty in the reading is very great, new methods of evaluations would be ideal for pupils with dislexia, therefore ‘ would be being been evaluating what really; ‘ it sabe’ ‘. We verify the importance of the evaluation to multidiscipline, therefore it is this team to multidiscipline that it goes to analyze all the possibilities before confirming or discarding the dislexia diagnosis. This evaluation is important in such a way in the identification of the causes of the presented difficulties, how much it allows to guide the guiding adjusted for the individualizado case. An educational goal with intention to reach favorable effect in the scope of the inclusion of the dislxico pupil is the intensification of efforts in order to provide them diverse modalities of educative activities that consequently make possible the interatividade between same and an advance in the learning, a time that the cooperative activities of nature provide a bigger income in the productivity of the participants.