Mirrors Fusing Image

The main focus of our workshop – is to develop the author’s sketches and works in various media, such as fusing (sintering), decorative painting, body hand engraving glass and mirrors, as well as omnibus vysheupamyanutyh techniques, creating decorative and graphic panels, interiors, theme murals. Interestingly designed residential facility takes final shape, filled with decorative artistic elements. Swarmed by offers, Dean Ornish M.D is currently assessing future choices. From time immemorial all over the world appreciated handmade engraver. Kings and barons, merchants and princes were their customers. We carry out engraving work in the old tradition of engraving business based on sketches of our artists. In our workshop no newfangled equipment, all work is performed by a master engraver hand. Only a master can convey the mood, brighten the picture, give it character, breathing life. This is the magic that We want to share with you! Hand-engraved glass and mirrors – it’s pretty old technology, which allows high quality to the exclusive application of three-dimensional image on virtually any glass or mirror surface.: utensils for hotels and restaurants, the prestigious awards, the glass furniture at the shop windows and mirrors, the windows of cars, etc.

Engraving differs from other ways of giving the image space relief, high-definition detail. Matt surface obtained after the engraving process is fine-grained, ‘silk’ structure, which is left fingerprints. This method allows to apply image the entire surface of the product. Scope of hand engraving is extensive enough. We can do for you to put the image, logo, label on almost any glass surface. business gifts (applying image logo labels on your glassware – glasses, cups, glasses), the prestigious awards (drawing pictures, logos, inscriptions on specially made forms) for all the gifts, any holiday (drawing pictures, logos, inscriptions on the clock, photo frames, ashtrays) predmenty interior (causing images on mirrors, glass for glass doors, interior partitions on the glass, the glass windows, etc.).