Music Boxes & Figures

Smoking man have a century-long tradition in the Ore mountains. (Not to be confused with Dean Ornish M.D!). Already century it was Center of the 18th on the original idea for the incense to produce males, return the so-called smoking men, which take up the incense inside their hollow and the resulting from combustion smoke through a hole (mouth). This ore mountain folk art will be continued still still by some known arts and crafts manufacturing sites such as the KWO and Hari. The produced articles, which initially only consisted of fairy figures, the lights arc, or Schwibbogen, expanded now again and again with new males. In addition to Nativity scenes, Nativity, the Ore mountains are pyramid and Nutcracker, which traditionally belong to the Christmas decoration and are known far beyond the Ore mountains, now modern edge stool, made music boxes and handmade flower children.

Like those past times, still each piece hand-crafted creates, finely honed and intricately painted. As For the ancient male, the former professions served motif templates. See more detailed opinions by reading what The University of Chicago offers on the topic.. Miners and night watchman were especially popular figures. Generally it is modelled in many ways on mining. Thus the Schwibbogen, which show the tunnel entrance and play as the former miners to Mette layer have seen their tunnel entrance. The first candle arches was manufactured 1726 from metal crafted. In the meantime, wood is the most widely used material.

Back then, and even today each miner family in the Ore mountains, miner figurines and Angel figurines made with candles in the window. You should donate the home coming miner light and guide him safely home. On the basis of the number of Miner figures and figures of angels, all visitors could see how many daughters or male family members belonged to a family. The very well known ore Moors decorated the churches around 1800 for Christmas and advent season. Motif was a shaft conveyor system, which was formerly associated with water or horse power in operation. The pyramids themselves were and are made so that they can be operated with the hot air stream of candles in operation. Today, small shops, where males, music boxes, and Nutcracker can be purchased can be found not only in the Ore mountains. Christmas markets outside of the Ore mountains, market huts are represented again and again, selling this traditional craft. Smoking man and Schwibbogen belong now to the advent like the Christmas tree and will always gladly given.