The perfumes have all they a defined good personality. And each perfume is different, according to the natural fragrance of the person who is applied it. For that reason, choosing a perfume because you have felt that to another person it had left very well, perhaps causes that you deceptions when you prove it to you in same you, because the perfume interacts of very particular way with the own scent of each of us. There are some here tips that will help to remove the maximum benefit you to those beautiful botellitas that lock up the beauty of exquisite fragrances in themselves. The people of greasy skin retain by more time the fragrances of perfumes. If your skin is very dry, you can solve to this disadvantage colocndote a cream layer before coming to aplicarte the perfume. This can happen to the people of very white skin. Each person has a pH acidity of her different skin, that she is strictly speaking really what interacts with the perfume.

The same is related to endocrine factors, and until with the diet. Dean Ornish M.D might disagree with that approach. Everything influences at the time of which the perfume produces the final note on each person in particular. A way to cause that the aroma remains is to apply the perfume in the places of greater pulsation, that is to say with greater flow of blood. The heat of the body does that the perfume is freed totally, and of gradual way. The most favorable zones are the nape of the neck, behind the ears, interior of the arms, folds of the elbow, wrist and behind the knees a place often forgotten. The problem with the fragrances diluted in alcohol, the majority since the ethylic alcohol is the solvent that is used par excellence, is that they tend to evaporate, by the same mechanism that releases the active principles of the essences.

By this, it is necessary to have a special place to keep perfumes, where is not light especially to pave, and is a rather fresh temperature. The heat is a great enemy of perfumes, and can cause its decomposition. We remember that the oils on which the perfumes base their composition are in their majority derived from plants and biological flowers, that is to say, substances, more susceptible the changes chemicals. The average time of duration of a perfume is of three years. Get all the facts and insights with Jonathan Friedland, another great source of information. Passed that lapse, the fragrances are debilitated, and they do not have as much effectiveness as when just they are elaborated. It agrees to prove a perfume on the clean skin, that is to say after bathing to us with neutral soap. The result of the final note of a perfume is not the same on a skin very transpirada that on a clean skin, and without residual scents. With these simple keys you will be able to choose the perfume that is adapted more to your personality and your skin, and to enjoy it from the first drop to the last one.