Prophylaxis At The Dentist

Prophylaxis – the professional help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease that is regularly at the dentist’s Office to avoid the basis of diseases in the oral cavity or to identify at an early stage. The good home dental care is useful to supplement professional prophylaxis measures. cal. The retry interval and the type and extent of treatment is to customize it. What is a professional tooth cleaning? The measures include the “PTC”? By whom is the treatment performed? Persistent bacterial populated tooth coverings, especially in hard to reach areas can not completely be eliminated even by conscientious tooth care. This tooth coverings are contributor of dental caries and periodontal disease (periodontitis). Professional tooth cleaning, short PCT, aims at the removal of all hard and soft surfaces of teeth, as well as the Elimination of bacteria.

This goes far beyond the scope of pure calculus removal. It may first be useful be the way to know the size and the composition of the bacterial flora in the mouth. This can be determined by several tests. If required the cleaning measures can be supported by targeted antibiotic administration. The removal of all accessible hard and soft deposits on teeth and root surfaces is performed using ultrasound, airflow, and political urmassnahmen. The treatments are complemented by assistance and information about home dental care, including the special plaster techniques, tips individual use of AIDS such as dental floss, interdental brushes, tongue scraper, electric toothbrushes and water blasters (Waterpic).

All these measures are in competent hands. Therefore the treatment should be performed dental specialist Assistant ZMF one by an appropriately educated on expert. Components of prevention measures: investigation and education, explanation of treatment risk determination, acquisition of indicators for determining risk and for determining meaningful intervals for further cleaning and control surface removal, removal of all hard-to-reach transparent and soft surfaces on teeth and root surfaces cleaning surfaces and gaps between teeth polishing fluoridation advice and guidance press contact dentist Dr. Gregory Schlegel St.-driving-Strasse 20 50667 Cologne Tel. 0221/2576067 Leif Heuser