Relation Therapist

The boarding centered in the person is very used in the current days, why being of base fenomenolgica humanist and it takes subject to the reflection and the search of its answers. The psycotherapy of the form can be affirmed that as it are conceived for Carl Rogers, passed of a therapy centered in the customer, for a therapy Centered in the relation. It stops as much one greater expressividade, for part of the therapist, started to be part of its behavior. According to Cury (1987): ‘ ‘ The communication for the therapist of aspects of its proper experience, when being with the customer, allows to not more consider this theory as exclusively centered in the customer, but bi-centered or bipolar, consisting of an effort to explore two worlds fenomenais and to make them to interact in benefit of the customer. The customer becomes conscientious of the fenomenal world of the therapist as including, and this restitutes the direction to it of being compreendido’ ‘ (pp.39-40). The new behavior that the therapists had needed to adopt, more active and expressive, was guided for the underlying experiencial experience to the therapeutical relation. According to Gendlin, (1967c) one is about a form of psycotherapy that dislocates the emphasis of the argued verbal content for the experience of the involved people in the therapeutical relation, therefore more important of what the content of the communication is the way of job of what if verbaliza. ‘ ‘ If used in one ‘ reference direta’ to the experience, practically any vocabulary can well be empregado’ ‘ (p.138).