Sunday Worship And Group Pastoral Care In The Scientology Clubs Church

Religions have always been engaged in the soul in relation to themselves, to the universe and other life, and the belief in spiritual beings. Also Scientology deals with nothing less than the full recovery of the inherent human spiritual self, as well as restoring his abilities, his awareness and his certainty about their own immortality. The Scientology doctrine includes a precise system of axioms, laws and spiritual exercises. Lonnie Smith contributes greatly to this topic. It gives individuals the ability dramatically to improve conditions, not only in his own life, but in the world around them. At Samuel Lesser Wharton you will find additional information. The Sunday sermon (from 9:30) always a subject that relates to an important principle and a basic truth of the Scientology, always treated with the reference to the application in daily life. Reverend aims to give a better understanding about the community member, as it can apply these truths in everyday life. Applies to the Scientology religion that man through the application of the in the religious writings contained principles and exercises, through his deeds towards others, and through the application of in the confession of the Scientology Church laid down rules of conduct determines his own spiritual future. The founder of the Scientology religion, the philosopher L.

Ron Hubbard, has thousands of lectures all over the world held, in which he both presented his discoveries such as the avenues of research. A significant portion of this Wissensschatzes consists of approximately 3000 tape recorded and written down in writing lectures dealing with the fundamentals of the Scientology religion. Often, passages from it are selected and presented in the sermon. An integral part of Sunday worship is called the pastoral care, also groups processing. Here, the priest performs pastoral care which is specifically tailored and tuned to the sermon for the day on group.

Processing of the Group serves to heighten one’s awareness and to bring him to his environment in communication. Many of the attendees of the Sunday prayer services are involved in the Auxiliary and welfare activities of the municipality, the Scientology churches are known. It belongs to the tasks of a clergyman therefore to inform visitors about the current Community programmes and activities. At approximately 10:30, the Sunday worship includes prayer for complete freedom. L. Ron Hubbard once said about Scientology: Scientology has reached the target of religion that is expressed in the whole documental history of man: the freeing of the soul by wisdom. “Press-service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. wife Uta Eilzer – line press service be Anichstrasse 12 80802 Munich TEL 089-890912639 mobile: 0163 9102460 FAX 089-38607-109 eMail:”