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Feng Shui Bedroom

If a picture is chosen for the marriage bed, it is necessary do it together. The bedroom is better to use a quiet, dull tone, not to create too much activity, it is too much in everyday life. A concrete wall colors and fabrics are based on analysis personal energy of people who sleep in this room and the energy of the room. With color, we harmonizing space and give the person needs it energy. – What is undesirable to have in the bedroom? – The bedroom should not be be a computer – that is another power, it is simply not appropriate. Computer – for work, bedroom – for the rest. The bedroom should not be many living plants, they can not be put next to the bed, especially near the head, because night Plants absorb energy. In addition, they create an active and interfere with relaxation.

It is advisable not to have a TV in the bedroom, because there are a lot of information that is not relevant in bed. Also in the bedroom should not be mirrors, or they should be hung so that they could be seen lying on the bed. Mirrors create additional tension in a dream, but a reflection of sleeping people leads to problems in personal relationships. – How to keep a mate? – The main recommendation: to love and respect yourself and your partner. If this condition is satisfied, then the technical problems can be solved. Often the cause of conflict in the family that one or both partners, this apartment is not suitable for Energy. But as at the conscious level, this problem is not solved, it can be solved unconsciously and often painful for the relationship.

On the relationship between two people is influenced by many factors: the external environment at home, terrain, location of toilets, kitchens, beds, etc. Every cause has its own methods and solutions are different. – If you create harmony around you, then the mood will be different. Happiness, health and financial well-being! Alexander Naumov: – Feng Shui – a practical tool to improve human life, and create favorable conditions for self-actualization. Feng Shui is a challenge – creating an environment that will support and enhance the natural potential of man. The focus of Feng Shui are the three main issues to be resolved to everyone: health, money, relationships. This is the foundation for a happy life. Someone may say: "I am so, what is (smart, rich and healthy in the long term), what's the difference where I live? ". In fact, there is a difference, because not only man creates his own home, but home creates man. This means that if we change something around us better, then themselves be changed for the better.