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The nurses in the exercise of the local supervision, constantly, frequent, produce, create and recriam the institutions through the times, being at the same time citizens to the historical and contextual determination. (IN SERVICE, 2001). The present work has as objective generality to evaluate the quality of life in the work of the nursing professionals and the results of its supervisions, through the bibliographical revision that as Gil (2002) the bibliographical research allows the investigator if to make familiar to the problem in study beyond allowing consultations of published materials already. LITERATURE REVISION the quality of life was cited for the first time in 1964 by Lyncon Johnson whom it affirmed: ‘ ‘ the objectives cannot be measured through the rocking of the banks, them only can be measured through the quality of life whom they provide pessoas’ ‘. Source: Dean Ornish M.D. (SCORSIN, 2005). It hisses (2000) it appraises the quality of life as an ample concept and being thus, must englobar subjective aspects (feelings, perception, well-being and satisfaction) and objectives (available material resources, wage and career).

Specifically, treating to the context of health in the organization, is possible to present some pointers as: satisfaction, auto-accomplishment, motivation, performance, or still, to analyze the absence of the quality of life, as it suggests the existence of some phenomena, between them, Burnout. However Walton (1973 apud HADDAD, 2000) quotation that, so that it has Quality of life in the work it are and inside of the company is necessary some measures: adequate compensation and joust, without worthy wage do not have personal satisfaction; conditions of security and health in the work: adjusted horria and surrounding load in the work; immediate chance for the use and development of the capacity human being; chance for continuous growth and security; social integration in the organization; constitutionalism in the organization of the work; work and the total space of the life; the social relevance of the life in the work.. Gain insight and clarity with Donald Sussman.


According to Junqueira and Carneiro (2000), the treatment of Nursing is to keep the function of the respiratory levels and to stimulate the quality of life. Get more background information with materials from Donald Sussman. The physical requirements of the patient are considerable, without losing of sight the emotional necessities and development. The patient and the family are actively involved in the decision taking, including the decisions of life end. The lapsings are destined to guarantee the maintenance of the physical security of the patient, to reduce the anxiety and agitation, to stimulate the independence of the activities of autocuidado, the maintenance of the adjusted nutrition, control of the riots and education destined to the familiar cuidadores and. The frequent evaluation of the patient is during the vigil and sleep, associate its breath, with objective to promote the improvement, the force and the resistance of the respiratory musculatura and to diminish abnormalitys in the gaseous exchanges (GOZAL, et al; 2000 cited for FONSECA, et al; 2007). According to Junqueira and Carneiro (2000), the main cares of nursing are: To teach the patient in the treatment of the auto care: many of the treatment goals are boarded in the house of the patient and the community. In this way, the patient and the family need information and instructions on the riot, its foreseen evolution and the strategies of care and treatment that will optimize the growth, development and physical and psychological state of the patient. The members of a gamma of you discipline on the health are involved in the education of the patient and the family.

Continued care: The illness to neuromuscular and the deformities associates can progress in the adolescence and the adult life. The devices of assistance and auto-aid assist in the maintenance of maximum independence. Devices of auto-aid you add, recommended for physiotherapists and occupational therapists, become with frequency necessary the measure that more muscular groups are affected.

Diabetes Mellitus

In a study carried out for Katz et al (2002), verified significant increase of the toxemia frequency enters the patients with gestacional light hiperglicemia and diabetes. It must be considered, also as risk, the carrying gestantes of diabetes mellitus (Azevedo et al, 2002; Saints, Timerman and Andrade 2000; Cunha and Camano, 1999; Takiuti, Kahhale and Zugaib, 2000). 3,10 ESTRESSE literature points a gestante estresse that it increases the risk to develop the toxemia. Estressante situation is considered when the gestante lives deeply a unsafe conjugal relation or recent exchange of partners (Zampieri, 2000; Gomes, matuo and Carvalheiro, 2000; Kahhale et al, 2000; Pascoal, 2002). However, studies of Nisell et al (1989) apud Takiuti, Kahhale and Zugaib (2000), was not observed increase of DHEG in the gestation in function of the intensity estresse of it lived for the patients. 3,11 CAFFEINE Wergeland and Strand (1997), apud Takiuti, Kahhale and Zugaib (2000), had observed increase of the risk of toxemia in gestantes that had ingested more than four cups of coffee per day in a study with 6235 gestantes that had had the childbirth between October and November of 1989, in the Norway. 3,12 MANUAL WORK Saruel et al (1991) apud Takiuti, Kahhale and Zugraib (2000), cites that it has a bigger frequency of arterial hipertenso in women who work during long periods in foot, loaded packages heavy or made heavy labor detail. Still according to Klonoff-Cohen et al (1996) apud Takiuti, Kahhale and Zugraib (2000), a physically estressante work (it is understood for estressante physically the work that demands physical effort very) increases the relative risk for toxemia.

4. CONSIDERAES the nurse is responsible for the prenatal attendance of low risk in the Basic Units of Health. Although the legal endorsement, this professional classroom can, at some moment, to feel itself unprepared for such performance, since the specialization is not demanded so that it folloies the prenatal one in this way and can finish falling in doubts.

Clinical Boarding

In the scope of science, it is a condition; it is not illness and, in the capitalist democratic societies, as it is the case of Brazil, it is crime to discriminate it The homosexual person is that one that the same possesss sexual attraction for another person of sex. Still the bissexual exists, that one that if it attracts by the two sexos. But it is good for emphasizing that masculine individuals that possess feminine gestures, and women exist whom if they hold as men, who are not homosexuals (to be argued in another occasion). It has stories of cases of individuals that had looked a clinic of Psychoanalysis. The patient It is homosexual convicto.

Since the two years of age its parents already found it different of the too much boys. Whenever Martha McClintock listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Its father did not give much attention to it and was coarse. Already the mother, exaggerated in the affection. After adult, still from fear to assume itself, she namorou with women, but its sexual orientation was stronger. Thus, everything indicates, while possibility, that this patient if identified with the sort of the mother, woman, rejecting the masculine behavior.

From then on, its orientation was homosexual. The patient B feels attraction for other men. More information is housed here: Preventive Medicine Research Institute. It assumes – as gay, but it possesss a neurosis (small conflict), therefore, has doubts on its homossexualidade, since when, it feels attraction for women. It wants a psicanaltico treatment to decide this problem. In this in case that it has three hypotheses: first, the patient can be bissexual, that is, she feels attraction for the two sexos; second, it can not accept as homosexual, in function of a discrimination that suffers from all the sides of the society, including its family; third, it is heterossexual (that one that feels attraction for person of different sex), that is, its homossexualidade was forced in function of diverse factors, that will be disclosed throughout the treatment. Patient C knows that he is lesbian, but is not assumed. It is with distrust of being rejected by the family, the friends and the society. She is feminine, does not behave as man, however it feels attraction for women. It affirms mainly that it looked a psychoanalyst to have courage if to assume for all, for its family. The three told cases disclose that the homossexualismo is a inconclusivo subject. In the clinical point of view, each in case that case is each; if it takes in consideration diverse aspects of each individual.

Agricultural Zone

According to Health department (2000), to evaluate the production of the team is used the System of Information of Ateno Bsica (SIAB). This was created in 1998 for the Department of Information and Computer science of SUS (DATASUS), in set with the Coordination of Health of the Community/Secretariat of Assistance to Sade (COSAC/SAS), with the intention of assisting the accompaniment and evaluation of the activities carried through for the communitarian agents of health (ACS), adding and processing the happened data of the visits domiciliary, as well as, of the medical attendance and nursing carried through in the unit of health and the domiciles. He is composed for a program of computer (software) and for some fiches (, B, C, D) and reports (SSA-2, SSA-4, PMA-2, PMA-4 and A1 to a4). MATERIALS AND METHODS Area of study the Agricultural Zone district of New Hope, located to the 15 Clear Mount km, possesss a population 3,513 inhabitants. It is the Basic Unit of Health, responsible for the assistance to the population. Medical, odontolgicos services are offered, of nursing, beyond immunizations. The ESF of New Hope is located in the Avenue Joaquin de Abreu Silva, n 245, was implanted in day 27 of March of 2000, being the first agricultural town to have access to this service.

Only in 2009, that the PSF of New Hope passed to be called Strategy Health of Famlia (ESF). Being the composed team for 1 doctor of the family, 1 nurse of the family, 2 nursing technician, 5 communitarian agents of health, 1 technician of responsible nursing for the vaccine room, 1 for pharmacy also counts on 1 dentist of the family, 1 to assist of doctor’s office odontolgico and recepcionista. The district, consists of 5 micron-areas and 947 registered in cadastre families. Characterization of the study Is about a quantitative research of descriptive field. Let us see in the words of Gil (2002).

The Patients

In these studies, the increase in the risk of development of the DCV varied of 30 400%. This ample variation can have the studied population, the used definition of SM and the duration of pursuing. The majority of the studies was carried through in adult individuals or with DM2 (RIBEIRO et al., 2006). However, it still remains to be clarified if the SM ' ' such qual' ' it is observed in the patients with DM1 is the same SM of the DM2. With regard to the paper of IT LAUGHS, as a factor of cardiovascular risk, this seems to be equally important in both the types of diabetes (MOTTA, 1997) We can consider that the meeting of the SM in patients with DM1 can reflect in part a epifenmeno of its inheritance. As already argued in the previous session, patients DM1 with familiar antecedents of DM2 can present characteristics of the SM after the intensive treatment with insulina (RIBEIRO et al., 2006). In a similar way, the chronic hiperglicemia can reduce sensitivity to the insulina (glicotoxicidade) and partially explain the SM in the patients with bad chronic glicmico control. The hiperglicemia, by itself, can associate with some components of the SM, such as increase in triglicrides and reduction in the values of HDL.

With regard to aterosclerose, specifically, the exposition drawn out to the hiperglicemia induces a great number of alterations that potentially promote its progression. Currently, three main mechanisms have been implied in the origin and progression of the macroangiopatia in experimental studies and human beings. The first one is the not-enzymatic glicao of proteins and lipdios; as it is the increase estresse of it oxidativo and third, the activation of the protein quinase-C. It is important to consider that these mechanisms are not independent, that is, the induced estresse-oxidativo for the hiperglicemia promotes the formation of end items of advanced glicao and the activation of the protein quinase-C (MOTTA, 1997).

Public Hospital

Already between the aged ones, the atmospheric pollution has been associated to the increase of the morbidade (internment) and mortality in such a way for respiratory illnesses how much for cardiovascular illnesses (MARTINS et al., 2003). The diagnosis is based on clinical history and evaluation of physical examination of the patient through auscultates of the lung with the objective to identify to sounds as snores, chiados and other noises that can indicate the pneumonia presence. They are requested rays-x and cat scan of the thorax to confirm the presence of the illness as well as the localization and extension. Requested also complementary examinations the example of hemocultura, hemograma, urea, electrolytes, glicemia, urea and creatinina; transaminases, microbiology of escarro and others (ROCK et al., 2000). For in such a way, it is necessary that the assistance given to this customer is emphasized in the therapeutical one indicated. When receiving the patient with pneumonia, knows in such a way to evaluate the signals and symptoms in the emergenciais situations of attendance, how much also during the treatment in the hospital environment.

He fulfills to be intent to the clinical manifestations, as well as observing the complications decurrent of the pneumonia and, if possible, identifying precociously. Of this form, subsidies will be supplied the planning of therapeutical (the SMELTZER; BARE, 2005). The carried through research is justified for being understood the necessity to know if the Profile epidemiologist of patients interned with pneumonia in Public Hospital in Is Luis-HARM. In this direction, importance is distinguished it to characterize the infections of the inferior respiratory treatment in children. To know the main infections of the respiratory treatment, detaching the pneumonia, being a serious illness and of distinct etiology, that it needs a diagnosis that classifies it how much its type, however its diagnosis normally is made only through clinical data and epidemiologists. They are situations that can harm the therapeutical one adopted for the professional.

The Neurologists

the ones are exactly these that more are benefited of the treatment with the botulnica toxin, even so this therapeutical one can be applied in patients of any age. Where he is ' ' mgica' ' of the Botox? To the being applied directly in the muscle, the Botox, used of therapeutical form, hinders or reduces the contraction muscular involuntary that acomete the children with cerebral paralysis (this symptom calls espasticidade – exaggerated contraction and mantidade some muscles due to ' ' controle' ' on the part of the injured brain). The reestablishment or the improvement of the performance of the musculatura compromised for neurological pictures caused by the presence of the Botox must it the same mechanism that makes with that this substance improves the appearance of rugas of an aged face, that is, the secret is in the muscular relaxation. This is the action ' ' mgica' ' of the toxin. The cares in the therapeutical application of botulnica toxin the therapeutical administration of the botulnica toxin of – for an injection intramuscular itself. This procedure demands specialized training and detailed knowledge of the muscles. Generally, who carries through these applications is the neurologists or fisiatras. Before the administration of the substance, the specialist it must proceed to an evaluation to perceive what it is made a mistake in the movement of the patient and, thus, to choose the involved muscles in this process. The doses and places of application always differ from patient stop patient and, therefore, each therapy are individualizada.

Laboratory Inflammatory

Results and quarrel the inflammation degree was based on the amount of polimorfonucleares and accumulation of observed cellular alterations in the prostitutes. Prostitutes: Discrete inflammatory components: 0 moderate inflammatory Components: 30% accented inflammatory Components: 70% Injuries: 20% (suggestive of cells in suggestive formation of coilcitos and of atypical escamosas cells of meaning indeterminate (ASC-US)). Findings of citopatolgico examination of the particular Laboratory of Curitiba: Discrete inflammatory components: 24.8% moderate inflammatory Components: 72.2% accented inflammatory Components: 3% Injuries: 0 30% Were observed that 70% of the esfregaos of the prostitutes possuam component inflammatory accented, moderate inflammatory components and it did not have register of esfregaos with discrete inflammation. 20% of esfregaos with presence or indication of intraepitelial injury were still verified. In the group of not prostitutes, one got 24.8% for discrete cellular inflammatory components, 72.2% for moderate cellular inflammatory components and 3% for accented cellular inflammatory components, not having still resulted positive for intraepitelial injury. It can be concluded that the prostitutes had gotten in comparison the reactive women who are not prostitutes, greater inflammation occurrence, alterations and degenerative intraepiteliais (being that the normal cells are confined to a narrow variation of function and structure and the identification of these findings is necessary, a time that these can mask a more serious process), as well as of intraepiteliais injuries, probably for having intense sexual activity, daily and with diverse partners, if they at risk display to the biggest one to contract some type of sexually transmissible illness, being able to come to develop future injuries cervicovaginais7, 8, 15. Bibliographical reference 1 – RABBIT, R. et al.

Relation between citopatolgico diagnosis of cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia and indices of cells CD4+ and viral load in HIV-soropositivas patients. Rev. Bras. Ginecol. Obstet. vol.26 in the,2 Rio De Janeiro, 2004 2 – HAAM, E.; Comparative study of the accuracy of cytological cancer cell detection by methods.