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By the way, it is worth also to turn on the integrated typo search. You can find auctions with typos in the search term, which otherwise be considered a search.” BayWatcher Pro 7: All results of the search in the browser Soon that a search “has been sent”, the BayWatcher Pro 7 displays the results in his window. In a very compact list the user and others can read the article, the article name, the remaining time, the current overall price, the buy it now price, the price and the shipping costs. The list can be mouse click very quickly after any arbitrary criterion reorder and filter even. Easily, it is also possible to put an article on the watch list at this point. It is so easy to keep the price development in the eye, to submit a bid shortly before the end of an auction even more quickly.

The enclosed auxiliary tool BayReminder reminds even at the end of the auctions, without having to do this, the main program must be started. Jochen milk bag: “BayWatcher Pro is aimed with its fast searching and observing functions not only to buyers. The comprehensive price analysis functions are also the sellers, who can explore the market in this way. The program can also save once defined searches and more Perform searches at the same time. Directly to the eBay API is accessed, the results are immediately available.” BayWatcher Pro 7: The most important functions at a glance comprehensive eBay article search with many search options (E.g. category, price range, country, region, item condition, type of offer, seller type u.v.m). Save searches and kept lightning-fast search through high-performance eBay API simultaneously running of multiple searches in the hierarchical storage system can clear results display in tabular form with all relevant information including item details and picture. Watching any number of eBay items with price shipping run analysis BayReminder called recalls nearing end, submit a bid analysis of item prices unlimited sorting, grouping, and filtering statistics such as minimum, maximum, and average prices or sales figures the price history of an article in graphical form find bargains with the typo search integrated search for 1 euro articles, which run out in a few minutes Capture notes fit to monitored auctions further log of interesting articles by email the new version 7 can be downloaded free: products/baywatcher.php

Frederick Temple

The beginners course, which will be available from June 30 makes the beginning of the new course series Office 2010 and Windows 7 for upgraders. This course provides for a successful and efficient upgrade to Office 2010 and Windows 7 for users of previous versions of Office and specifically the new features in the operating system and the applications. In a total of eight hours of learning, the user tells everything about the new operating concept of Office 2010 as well as the essential new features of Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. The full versions to the individual Office applications follow successively until the end of the year. More benefits and enjoyment of learning are just a few of the groundbreaking features of new tutorials 100% high-fidelity simulation of the complete interface, highest possible interactivity of Lernmodule, an intelligent multi-level feedback system as well as individual, demand-driven learning pathways, chapter final and certification tests. Frederick Temple, Director of the know-how! AG and responsible for the sales of the new products: with the introduction of the new generation of educational software we want for our customers a further increase in benefits in the work practice achieve, and so the claim of the leading Provider on Office learning software will continue to meet.” For more information on the products get company profile know how on our website! AG as a pioneer in the field of Web-based training (WBT) created the know-how! AG in 1995 successful E-learning products. The company offers matching concepts and solutions in the training field to customers across all industries. Individual E-learning concepts, learning software, practice-oriented presence seminars, demand-oriented consulting and target group oriented learning approaches are among the core competencies of the company. Company and press contact: Know-how! AG Bastian Dadlani, Ruppmannstr.

Manufacturers Instructions

Solution of the FELTEN group can preset functions and workflows quickly used a PILOT E-HV be taken into account the GMP requirements for the process industry Serrig, 02.11.2010 – the FELTEN group has developed a best practice solution for the digital use of manufacturer regulations (HV) with PILOT E-HV for the process industry. It complies with the GMP requirements and includes all necessary functions to create, perform and evaluate the manufacturer regulations electronically. At the same time, the solution contains predefined workflows are created considering the established procedures in the process industry. You control and monitor all functions and processes of the module in the application. Pilot E-HV master batch records can in the system are individually defined and managed or imports of layered systems such as ERP, recipe ureditoren etc.. Further processing is generally not required, but can be optionally via equivalent rights mappings. The Displays the employee in question during gradually on the screen individual statements of a manufacturer regulation.

The system then guides him through every step of the process. The evaluation takes place online when entering the values. The system checks immediately and gives the user the corresponding information. There a deviation determined by the target values, which require a further consent, the double launches check function of the solution the solution automatically on a defined workflow. It serves the subsequent editing or correcting a defectively executed process step by a suitably qualified staff. The double function can check but carried also without deviation, enabling the user to one or more HVs. The closed regulations of the manufacturer are automatically archived in a historical directory.

This data can be accessed in accordance with the GMP regulations for a tracking & tracing at any time. It is also possible to report all HV Activities including deviation processing create to let. Because the module PILOT E-HV is based on field-proven features and pre-set workflows for the process industry, it can be without significant adaptation effort and thus cost-effective inserted”, describes Werner Felten, CEO of the software company, a key advantage of the solution. FELTEN group: The FELTEN group is an international operating software and consulting company, the solutions to optimise processes for all production areas and according to international quality standards of GMP and FDA (21CFR part 11) developed. Clients include Beiersdorf, Boehringer Ingelheim, Symrise, Sensient, Texas instruments, etc. FELTEN has become the first supplier the holistic and process-oriented production intelligence approach. The company is present except in German-speaking Europe in the United Kingdom and France.

Safe Email Solution

‘secure download’ with encrypted transmission no volume limit of the file mikado soft feel significantly increasing demand for higher protection of information in the E-Mail delivery Berlin in the market, Jan – the transmission of confidential information over the Internet by email is acceptable only via an email connection secured by encryption. Because many companies have no appropriate infrastructure, they enter every time a high risk, if you send sensitive information such as quotes, engineering documents and analyses emailed. Also the size of E-Mail attachments is generally limited. Additional information is available at IKEA. If such a file with a volume of over 50 MB should be sent, the user in the use of the mail system usually has a problem. With secure download”the security specialist, mikado soft offers the user the possibility to provide confidential information over the Internet. As opposed to an E-Mail transmission, the transmission is encrypted. Limiting the size of the to transferring file is given only by the limitations of the user browser.

It informs the user about any access to the data provided immediately. This procedure can be used both to send and to receive data. The integrity of the downloaded files can be verified using checksums (MD5 or SHA1). Also offers secure download”the possibility, through an once hosting Web-frontend-areas in the demilitarized zone DMZ of the company for a targeted and secure data exchange to provide. The system is licensed by number of internal users. It is scalable for one, ten, hundred, or any number of users.

This hosting range is limited and the access from the outside via a link with a password protectable. This field can either be set for providing or receiving data. One of the system requirements, that installs the software as a Web application on Apache Web server (version 2.2). It is PHP version 5.2 required, in addition, the system must be accessible over the Internet and have a valid certificate.

Intranet Solution

Start-IT presents: Enterprise 2.0 for SME BBs with Bitrix intranet 9.5 start-IT presents: Enterprise 2.0 for SME BBs with Bitrix intranet 9.5 which is latest version of the well-known collaboration suite da! A complete employee portal with social networking features, knowledge about wikis, a new interface, as well as a number of advanced enterprise 2.0 Tools – Advanced all at an entry-level price of 499 euro! InfoSpace, TeamSpace and BizSpace editions give small and medium-sized enterprises the possibility, depending on their needs and the willingness to change internal communication structures, to enter into the world of collaboration. Improved user interface and intuitive ease of access for employees and developers, editing content, layout and structure of your intranet by mouse click from the frontend – so even employees without experience with CMS can quickly create content and edit or customize the structure of your intranet. Extended scope of Bitrix intranet with 9.5 as wiki functionality to manage knowledge in the company WYSIWYG editor to create new content, Textversionierung, immediate indexing of content and access rights management. The stored data can be directly after creation to persons, documents and title search. Read more here: Barbara Martin Coppola. Any changes to the content will be indexed immediately, making the found content always up to date. Employees have the opportunity to transform any document storage of intranet into an own network drive and set access rights. These drives can be used privately, publicly or in a working group in the local Explorer or file manager. Available from 499 euro from strong-IT. Read additional details here: Donald Sussman. We advise you gladly! Call us!


Anyone apps for business-critical applications rarely suitable Walldorf June 18, 2012, a recent study by research2guidance (Enterprise mobile app market status report 2012) occupies the thesis of ecenta, according to which only a very low percentage of available apps for businesses actually complies with the requirements in the business environment. According to the study, only 14 percent of the company’s apps meet professional requirements. According to the study are currently to the 200,000 apps for companies available, bringing their number has doubled in the last 12 months. Alone the sheer mass of apps makes it”almost impossible to make a reliable choice, explains Joachim Schellenberg, Manager of business development at the ecenta AG. The ecenta AG is a product and consulting firm that specializes in the demanding realization of projects in the areas of SAP Business Suite is also a smooth transition by apps for home and business use.

So apps like Skype can of course be used for personal and business communication. The same applies to the protection and management of contacts. There, it is almost impossible to draw a dividing line. That would be also not tragic, the apps for personal use would not often massive weaknesses.” The security of data which are processed with the help of the apps called ecenta as a key vulnerability. So the Software House from Walldorf warns CRM apps, for example, to employ without previously having subjected them an extensive security check. The risk that sensitive customer information go unnoticed to third parties was too great. Moreover, the maintenance and further development of the applications are insecure, and also services of the seller uncertain. With CRM solutions, the established providers have now powerful mobile applications on offer, which meet all requirements in the business environment”, explains Schellenberg. Certainly, these are not as favorable as in app stores available solutions, but benefits at a glance and Quality to compensate for the extra charge here.