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Kraft Bags

To date, the most economical type of packaging of certain products are kraft bags. Why? Because the paper was and is the most expensive packing material. Professor Roy Taylor has much to offer in this field. Many producers of goods can be the question of durability. All the same paper bags. However, kraft paper, from which produced such a package, has sufficient strength. Besides, the question of strength of such a package addressed through multi-layer packaging.

For example, paper bags for cement as well made of kraft paper, and such packaging for cement has been used for many years and proven. Another important advantage of Kraft bags is their environmental friendliness. In contrast to plastic films, paper is the natural materials and does not affect detrimental to the environment. Incidentally, this is why the camps west of these bags are so popular and where possible, replaced all other types of packaging material. Even in the supermarkets they are applied, rather than plastic bags, such as ours. In conclusion, we note that paper bags are optimal solution for packaging bulk materials, products, as a wrapper.

Dental Compressor

Dental compressors, piston generally must meet certain technical and hygienic characteristics. Modern compressor equipment market offers a wide range of manufacturers and models Dental compressors, such diversity is easy to get confused. Let's try to figure out on what characteristics of air compressor should I look for when buying. A pair of oil in compressed air Modern hygienic requirements suggest that reciprocating compressors for dentistry should produce compressed air without oil vapors. Therefore, would be the best oil-free air compressor. Compressors piston oil-lubricated, too, can be considered as an option, but only if the quality of clean air with dryer and a three-stage filter. Dental pressure piston compressors must produce sufficient compressed air pressure.

Choose an air compressor with a pressure of at least 5 bars (0.5 MPa). Compressor This option, as a necessary performance compressor is determined solely by your needs. If you do not use multiple dental devices running from the compressor, the productivity of up to 100 liters per minute would be quite enough. If you are working with an assistant and use multiple tools running on compressed air (for example, when an air-abrasive treatment of teeth), then you need the performance of 120 l / min. In any case, it makes no sense to buy a dental compressor capacity exceeding 250 l / min. The noise level for dental compressor indicator such as the noise level is quite significant characteristic, therefore, getting the compressor, be sure to ask, does not exceed a noise level of the compressor is 80 decibels. It is 80 decibels is the threshold of acceptable noise for such compressors. If it is requirement is not met, then the compressor is placed in shumopoglaschayuschie shrouds. Most of the leading manufacturers such shrouds are standard compressor. Otherwise, the cover can be purchased separately. These are the main things to consider when dealing with dental compressors.