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Marriage and Divorce

The enemy of our souls nor always makes racket when he arrives. It is subtle, seductive, knows to deceive e, as nobody, ' ' adora' ' to steal the joy of the people. This because, after its expulsion of the sky, it do not make another thing not to be to oppose the Creator. God of a life, it of a death. God of the health, it of a illness. God shows the way, it shows the shortcut.

God prepares the marriage, it promotes the divorce. We have the right and we deserve to be happy. Reasons do not lack in them for this: We have family, we work, we conserve friendships, we study, we prosper, we fight, we adore the God, we win the challenges of the life, and can contemplate the beauties of the field and skies. Click University of Iowa College of Medicine to learn more. They are these things make that it to act, trying all the cost, to hinder us to enjoy these privileges. the only way to banish it in such circumstances, it is accurately making what it less likes to see: To adore the God in spirit and truth; to proclaim its word with favour and authority of the Espirito Santo. It does not allow that nobody and nothing in this world it steals its joy.

God decided to bless you. The intentions Mr. for its life cannot be hindered. What It determined will fulfill. Fights, illnesses, injustices, disaffections and persecutions are only elements that contribute so that the will Mr. if materialize in its life. Therefore, it raises the head! It has courage! It reacts! It searchs a bigger privacy with God! It flies higher The black clouds are passengers, of the other side, a hot sun and illuminant they are its wait! It never leaves to smile! Its smile illuminates, it transmits life and it is one constant invitation to the peace and the happiness. In the concept of many people somebody is only happy if to possess many goods and money. However, this is a concept total missed. The true happiness can be lived in most humble of ' ' ranchinhos' ' , in the distant places most uncommon and. To be happy, is to be to the side of the people who we love, is to cultivate our friendships, to gain decent sustendo stops our family, to sow love and goodness for where to pass, to walk of hands given for the streets of the city and to be able to contemplate the beauties of the fields and them skies.

Espirito Santo

We know very on praying, but little on jejuar. POR THAT JEJUAR? 1. ORDER. CLOSELY ON CONJUNCT AND JEJUM ARE Mateus 6:6 You, however, when to pray, it enters in your room and, closed the door, you will pray your Father, who is in private; your Father, whom it sees in private will reward, you. Mateus 6:17 You, however, when jejuares, unge the head and washes face, Mateus 6:18 with the end not to seem to the men who jejuas, and yes to your Father, in private; your Father, whom it sees in private will reward, you. 2.PARA TO LIBERATE TO BE ABLE OF the SPIRIT. WE CAN BE FULL OF THE SPIRIT, BUT STILL THUS, WITHOUT POWER OF IT IF JEJUAMOS AND DO NOT PRAY. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Professor Roy Taylor. JESUS CAME BACK ' ' IN THE PODER' ' AFTER THE JEJUM.

IT REPAIRS: Lucas 4:1 Jesus, full of the Espirito Santo, came back of the Jordo and was guided by the same Spirit, in the desert, Lucas 4:14 Then, Jesus, in the power of the Spirit, it returned for the Galilia, and its fame ran for all the circunvizinhana. 3.PARA TO HAVE a FAITH THAT BELIEVE IN SUPERNATURAL OF Mateus GOD the 17:20 and it answered to them: Because of the smallness of your faith. 4. TO HAVE PRIVACY WITH GOD. THE BODY AND THE SOUL IF SUBMIT TO THE ESPIRITO SANTO.

Romans 8:10 say: E, if Christ is in you, the body, in the truth, is died because of the sin, but the spirit lives because of justice. (So that you understand this truth better, she thinks about the following one: If somebody jejuasse six months with only water, its meat would bother never it again. It WOULD NOT HAVE AS to bother it, therefore its body would be died (literally) and its spirit would have IDO for the Sky) 5.PARA HUMILIATING IN THEM, That is, RECOGNIZING the SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD AND the NECESSITY OF ITS Esdras PROTECTION 8:21 Then, I proclaimed one there jejum next to the river Aava, stops humiliating in them before our God, for asking for happy day to it for us, our children and everything what he was ours.